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- Thursday December 17th 2020

I have been purchasing bats from this company for 4 years. Their product is 2nd to none. Not only do they have a competitive product. This company has superior customer service. They make cool stickers too.

Other bats

- Sunday October 11th 2020

Really good bat. I think you should make a composite bat better than the mako bats.


- Wednesday July 17th 2019

It’s a quality bat that has its weight proportioned making it easy to swing. I’d recommend trying it out.

For my Grandson

- Thursday June 13th 2019

The Bats are outstanding but what goes with that is the service. I have a friend who is a High school coach who told me about Viper and boy was he right from the get go. I will for sure continue with Viper Bats. I will tell all of my friends who have grandchildren about Viper Bats. I will also tell my High school coaches About Viper . Thanks Viper !!!

wooden baseball bats

- Sunday May 26th 2019

Great bats. I use them all the time. Love them.

Solid Bat

- Wednesday May 22nd 2019

The XX blemish is a quality Blem bat. Plenty of pop and no obvious flaws.

Love it

- Friday May 17th 2019

My son loved his bat so much I ordered another for my son in law. Great product for great price with quick delivery!

For my Grandson

- Wednesday May 15th 2019

Outstanding Bats and also outstanding people to work with "Best in America made in the USA" Thank you will talk and order again soon.

Viper bats Ash

- Thursday May 02nd 2019

Very good bats for practice and games.

So good I’ve bought 6!

- Tuesday April 23rd 2019

These bats are a tremendous deal. They say that the XX blemishes have failed at least 2 of the 14 points of inspection, but I’ve found that it’s typically cosmetic. These are still great quality, last just as long, and are a great intro to Viper’s highest quality models. My 15 year old uses them in high school and I use them in my 40+ wood bat league. I won’t buy from any other company.

Viper birch 32/29

- Monday January 14th 2019

Great bat for our 13u team to train with this winter.

Dense wood

- Monday January 07th 2019

These bats hit hard. Balls always fly off the bat and it is obvious that high quality lumber is used.

Good quality bat!

- Monday January 07th 2019

I've been using this viper bat with my high school travel team and my junior college baseball team and had no issues many guys really like the bat, the weight the feel and everything. Very good quality bat.

XX bats

- Saturday January 05th 2019

My travel teams 8u-14u use the Viper XX bats for our bp and they are awesome. Great value and the boys love them.

Great bats at a great price

- Saturday December 01st 2018

We purchased a half dozen blemished wood bats for under $200... which was terrific for us since we are not a sanctioned league. They are durable bats that quickly became team favorites. We have a couple of each type of wood... and both softball and hardball. Personally, I like the maple. The ball just jumps off it. So I certainly recommend them for a practice bat or especially if you are an unsanctioned wood bat league.

Great value, durable

- Saturday December 01st 2018

Durable bats... 5 of 6 made it the whole season. You can get 3 ash bats for under $100... but I think the maple is worth the few extra bucks. Great bats for practice or if your league does not require ASA certification.


- Wednesday November 21st 2018

Very nice bat!!

Only bats ill use

- Tuesday November 20th 2018

Viper bats just hit the ball harder. The pop I get from the Maple bats is unreal. People always comment to me on how hard I hit the ball and I always just smile and thank my Viper.

xx Blems are Still Great Bats

- Tuesday November 20th 2018

i have been playing in a men's league for the last several years and was turned onto Viper Bats by a teammate. In visiting the site I found a great variety of products but was most interested in the blemish and over run bat selection.
These bats are in great shape and have no noticeable defects to me. They work great for someone who is looking to save some money and still get a great product.

I typically will by a pack of 6 and get a cheaper price on the bats then share them with teammates.

Highly recommended

wooden baseball bats

- Wednesday August 15th 2018

great bats, I use the maple as a primary but have gotten hits with both the maple and birch. I will be taking all 3(birch 31", maple 32 & 33") with me to the world series in Phoenix.

Blemished but beautiful

- Monday August 13th 2018

I highly recommend picking up a blemished bat or two for every player. Even if you use a composite bat in games, a wooden bat will help improve your swing. It provides better feel and feedback.... plus nothing beats the crack of a well hit ball off a wooden bat. At these prices you don't mind the abuse of the batting cage or practice rounds. Be warned, they are addicting so you might be back for you custom colored 271s like my boys.

Great Quality

- Saturday March 31st 2018

Bats have great feel, pop, and no real flaws.

Great ash bats

- Tuesday February 13th 2018

They guys at Viper are very helpful and quick to respond. I ordered several dozen ash bats from Viper for my travel program ages ranging from 8-14 years old. We play PONY ball during the spring and with the new USA bat rules paying hundreds of dollars for a bat that performs like a wooden one is crazy. Our players are all now moving towards wooden bats to reduce cost and to just get better. My program would like to thank Viper is assisting us in this transition. We live these bats and if you would like to call me to verify this reference feel free to do so.
Coach Dan
Independent Baseball
Pasadena Rangers

Not often you can say better then advertised...

- Friday February 09th 2018

This bat was awesome! Better then described. Have ordered Viper several times, and they never disappoint!


- Thursday January 11th 2018

Great opportunity to get quality bats for less money. We were able to try out 3 different types of bats without spending a fortune.

Great bats. Great company.

- Thursday January 11th 2018

I have been playing baseball for 35 years and selling and using Viper bats for a couple of years now. I recommend them for their durability and pop. When my order was messed up by the shipping company, the good folks at Viper immediately sent a replacement order to me. That’s as good as it gets. Thanks, Viper!

Money well Spent

- Thursday January 11th 2018

Well balance weight I use it for game ,and the ball travels.It is very durable for the price


- Tuesday December 26th 2017

I bought a bat a few months ago and at its price its worth it , when i took my first few swings it felt amazing . Definitely recommend even for starters!

Great bat even for a blem

- Wednesday August 23rd 2017

This bat may be a blem but it came it was was balance and ended up having good pop, great durability also.

Great bats!

- Wednesday August 23rd 2017

I have ordered from Viper bats for about 5 bats over the years and each of them have been outstanding! I ordered a blemished bat for the start of the season and I used it for over 2 months before it broke and this is the replacement for it. I will only swing Viper bats! Love the bats!!!!

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