x series maple wood bat

Price: $59.99


X-Series is our bat are pulled from our pro production line for failing one of our 14 comprehensive quality control points. The grain may be off or a slight defect ect. They are still great bats just not good enough for our professional players. So we decided to offer these as a low cost entry into maple bats.

These are a number of various different models and are not model specific and not covered by our 30 day warranty.
These will be -3 +/- 1/2 oz.
Barrel will be 2.45 to 2.55
Handle will be from .90 to 1"
The only choice is the size.
This maple bats is in stock most of the time and ready to ship with in 48 hours.

22 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All)
Light, strong & liftoff!
- Saturday February 24th 2024
Another great bat by Viper. I’ve been buying Viper bats for 5+ years now. This is definitely a must have in your arsenal. Light weight and strong for lots of use. Best part is this bat sends it with that amazing crack sound. I’ll buy another once read more
- Wednesday September 07th 2022
Great bat that has held up all summer for my mens baseball league. Will definitely purchase again
this bat is amazing
- Tuesday May 03rd 2022
This bat has the most pop I've ever had from a wood bat I wich I could know what kind of bat it is tho

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