Adult Wood Baseball Bats

Our Wood Bats, Made Your Way

Get your hands on some of the best wood bats in America.

  • Top Quality Maple, Birch, Ash and Bamboo. Viper Bats 45 Day Warranty Seal
  • Wide Selection
  • Ample Customization Options
  • 45-Day Limited Warranty (excludes blems and X Series models)
» adult wood bats
elite series

Pro-Level Wood Bats

Professional-Grade wood Bats

Made from prime-grade wood

Ink-dotted for use in pro-league play.

45-Day Warranty On Every Elite

Elites are the same models and wood we sell to our professional clients. Give us a call if you don't know what the right bats is for you. 360-707-2685

pro custom series

"Standard", Custom -3 Weight Bats

High Quality Custom Bats

Ideal for most adult players.

Average -3 Weight

Vast selection of models.. Give us a call if you don't know what the right bats is for you. 360-707-2685

prolight series

Lightweight | Perfect for the Young Adult

Swing Effortlessly

Primarily made for players transitioning from youth to adult sizes, these share all the options of our standard models, but aren't quite as heavy.

platinum series

In-Stock & Ready-to-Ship


Made exclusively from maple, our Platinums are full-quality bats already cut and finished to save you time and come with a professional ink dot.

hd series

Compact & Durable Maple Bats

Durability, Speed, Control

Viper Bats already uses top-tier wood stock. HD takes that one step further, placing emphasis on more compact, durable designs that pack extra pop.

composite bats

The Pinnacle of Durability

Reinforced & Warrantied

Offering all the advantages of our standard wood bats, including the customizability, and reinforced to last a ridiculously long time.

x series

High Quality Clearance Bats

Not Cheap, Not Expensive

Resting in the middle ground, our X Series falls slightly short of our full-featured bats, but rises far above our XX Series blems.These are great cage bats, and for the weekend warrior.

xx blems

Blemished Wood Bats

Practice Bats

"Blems" are bats that have fallen short of our rigorous testing processes. These are still good for the batting cages, just not actual games.

Pro Select

Top selling models in limited colors

Budget Friendly

Made out of our top grade hand-split wood, the Pro Select series is comprised of our best selling models in limited colors to bring you a high quality bat for under $100.