xx blemished wood bat

Price: $49.99


You have asked and we have listened. We are now making our blems and overruns available.

These are not just "not pro grade." These are overruns, color blems, size blems, and over/underweight blems. They accumulate over time as we fulfill other orders, and so we have a fixed stock to work with.

As such, please be aware of the following rules:

  1. We cannot promise specific models, nor will we negate an order in the event that a requested model is not available.
  2. However, in the Comments box at checkout, you can ask if we can look for ones with certain qualities (big barrel, flared knob, etc.). The more general your request, the better your chances.
  3. Blems cannot be finished or engraved. They are shipped as-is.
  4. Blems cannot be returned, nor refunded and not covered by our 30 day warranty. This is not a money-making product for us. More of a service to our fans.

What makes this a blem?

These bats are pulled from our pro production line for failing two of our 14 quality control points. This means the grain may not be perfectly straight, weight variation, color blemishes, not boned, etc.

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- Tuesday September 06th 2022
Hello Viper,

I love the blem bats as they are more affordable, and are still very functional, wasn't even able to find blemishes. I play in 35 and older league in the Puget Sound area and have great luck with your bats! I ordered three for the seasonread more
Great Bat
- Tuesday September 06th 2022
Bought a blemish bat for my son to use for wood bat tournaments. I also bought one for myself to use in an adult baseball league. My son had a good season with his and it’s helped him learn how to barrel up the ball. I have played 20 games with mine read more
Love the bat!
- Tuesday April 12th 2022
Can’t beat the price on these bats! Great for BP, would rather buy 3 blemish bats for the price of 1 non blemish knowing they are eventually going to break anyway.

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