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Most bang for the buck

- Friday July 02nd 2021

Love these viper bats… i almost only exclusively use the birch for the best of both worlds in my opinion.. I will continue to buy from viper as long as I can still play😁


- Monday July 29th 2019

I have broken a couple other companies bats this year. This bat is solid. Swings great and feels great.

Great bat

- Wednesday July 17th 2019

First game went 4-5!

So Far So Good

- Tuesday June 04th 2019

Quality birch wood bat with a nice mahogany stain finish. Feels light with decent pop, and the product arrived 2 days early! Only wish there was an option to get the company logo and ASA shield engraved into the wood rather than a sticker. All in all 4.8

Excellent Bats

- Friday May 31st 2019

Customized 2 bats that we wanted. They mixed up the Colours we wanted, but did everything right to satisfy us

First time Viper buyer, won’t be the last

- Tuesday November 20th 2018

First time trying a Viper bat, had been a long time MaxBat user. Was VERY impresssed overall, from the ease of customizing, the options available, the price vs value and the speed of production/delivery. Tried a different combination of knobs and weighting than we usually used, and it became the “go to” bat for most of the team. Planning on ordering another in the spring.

This bat has pop.

- Wednesday August 15th 2018

Purchased it for our fall league and our whole team was using it. Highly recommend a Birch bat great pop and durable.

Great Wood Bat

- Friday March 30th 2018

This is a great bat, my only complaint is that the ASA is a sticker and not a stamp. I’ve had problems with some tournaments for this but it’s fine for my normal league.

Great for Softball

- Wednesday August 23rd 2017

I recently purchased this bat for softball. It came very quickly and the customization was great. Used it in 3 games already and it the bat is amazing. Order another one the other day


- Thursday August 17th 2017

I ordered this bat and in the order options it specifies cupping...yes or no. I would prefer/suggest the option of choosing the amount of cupping. I ordered yes for cupping and I find the bat is a bit too light...others on the team use it. I don't know how much the bat weighs, but it is too light for me. The bat looks great and has some pop...I prefer a bit heavier bat and would have requested in my order to cup at a -4...the cupping on the bat feels like it is a -6.
Overall 4 stars, because there are other guys on the team that like the bat...

Sparing No Expense

- Wednesday August 16th 2017

Without a doubt, the greatest thing since gene splicing, and the creation of massive, prehistoric-themed amusement parks.

Viper 33.5

- Wednesday August 16th 2017

Great bats. Good pop. Unfortunately both bats made it through season so I won't need to buy one for next year. But probably will.

Best bat ever

- Wednesday August 09th 2017

Buying more for sure. Best quality ever

Great Quality, Great bat

- Thursday June 15th 2017

I was extremely pleased with viper bats. The transaction was easy and the bat came looking great. More importantly, the wood was high quality and the feel was well balanced.


- Monday June 12th 2017

Bat looks great, feels great!! High quality product. Will definitely purchase more bats in the future!!

Great Bat

- Monday June 12th 2017

This is a nice bat to hit with and it has pop. It was delivered in a short time.

Maple bat

- Friday October 09th 2015

I've used this bat along with most of my team for 4 seasons now, it has its handle wrapped, has great pop, very durable.... I don't know what you would have to do to break it? Will be getting another one!

Great Bats!!!

- Sunday April 19th 2015

I have had 2 of the standard Softball bats... One Birch and One Maple. They have lasted very well... My birch I got about the equivalent of 5 seasons from and the maple is on 4 and still going. They have been used in everything from 20 - 100 degrees and shine, rain and snow... They are usually the first bat the teammates grab for in the dugout...

Birch softball bat review

- Monday July 07th 2014

My team enjoyed the "solid" feeling that the birch softball bat provided. Switching from a metal bat league was difficult, at first, but the Viper bats (birch, bamboo, and maple) have made the transition easier.

Custom Maple Softball bat

- Wednesday July 02nd 2014

I bought this bat for the upcoming over the line tournament down here in San Diego... I had a bamboo composite bat before but this maple one by Viper far exceeded my expectations its almost like i have to take a little bit off my swing! Love it!

Maple or Birch

- Wednesday October 23rd 2013

I bought one of each as did another team member - both are solid bats and have stood up to our cold weather Fall league. Neither of the four show any sign of chipping or cracking and we've had numerous other teams ask us where we "got our bats" from.

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