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Pro Light

- Tuesday July 09th 2019

Incredible bat. Very durable, balanced and crafted better than bats 2X more expensive. I have 2!

Pro light 280

- Tuesday May 14th 2019

I love the idea of having a bat made to my specifications for my 15 year old son. Great quality bats !


- Tuesday April 23rd 2019

Viper pro light 280

- Tuesday January 08th 2019

Awesome! My son was sooooo excited to receive this for Xmas! The quality was super! Great work!

Pefect swing

- Friday March 30th 2018

This bat is fast! Not to mention it looks great as well. I like the flare of the handle very comfortable in the hand!

Solid Bat

- Wednesday July 08th 2015

Bat is solid with decent pop. Great that you can customize a -4 to -5 weight drop bat. The large knob really helps get the barrel through the zone. Would definetly purchase another Viper bat.

viper bats are legit

- Wednesday July 02nd 2014

I had never heard of Viper Bats. Bought two for my grandson. He is 17 yrs old. Has about 5 different kinds of wood bats. He will only use the Viper Bats in a game. He loves them.

Worth the money

- Thursday June 12th 2014

I bought a prolite 280 to try it. My son liked it so I ordered a 3 pack. The kids do like the larger handle and the are well balanced. Now most of my team is using them. We play 16u tournament baseball. Great bats, I recommend them.

Great Bat

- Thursday February 06th 2014

Bought my son a 32.5 inch Birch 2 tone bat. He loves it and prefers it to his Easton BBCOR bat.
Thank you!

Awsome bats!

- Thursday February 06th 2014

My son loves this bat! Hits bombs all the time! Very fast turn around time! Keep up the great work!

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