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By series, model, length, weight, color(s), cupping and engraving for thousands of possible combinations.

Quality Personalization

Laser-engraved for extreme precision and coated with a protective finish.

Satisfaction Over Return Business

Big brands' cheap, fast-production billets keep you coming back out of necessity.

Our hand-split billets will keep you coming back out of love.

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Viper Trophy Bats

Commemorate An Occasion

For That Special Someone

Full Control of the Engraved Text

Choice of Block or Script Font

Optional Custom Image

Coaches' Fungos

Because Coach's Bat Should Stand Out

Specifically designed to hit hard but light enough to be used over extended periods of time without too much muscle strain.

Two models, giving a choice of standard or flared knob.

APEX Series

The Toughest Possible

Reinforced handle for extreme durability

All APEX come with a 60-Day Warranty

Viper Custom Series Engraved Bats
Custom Series

Custom Adult Bats

Wide selection of standard models

Standard -3 weight

Ideal for most players, thanks to a broad selection of models and customizations.

Viper HD Series Engraved Bats
HD Series

Super High Density Bats

Features high density maple

Density benefits durability and pop

Compact designs aid speed and control

Viper APEX Softball Custom Engraved Bat
APEX Softball Bat

Elite-Quality Softball Bat

Exclusively Maple

Reinforced handle for extreme durability

All APEX come with a 60-Day Warranty

Viper Custom Engraved Softball Bats
Softball Series

View All Wood Softball Bats

4x Knobs for Personalized Grip

Ultralights for Faster, Easier Swings

Viper Youth Small Barrel Engraved Bats
Youth Small Barrel

Little League-Compliant

Made specifically to be Little League-compliant by constraining the size of the barrel.

Hand-split maple for tougher bats, safer breaks

Viper Youth Big Barrel Engraved Bats
Youth Big Barrel

Fully-Featured Youth Bats

Extra weight of wood is a great muscle builder.

No barrel size restriction

As faithful as possible to adult counterparts.