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Blem Bat

- Wednesday August 16th 2017

I purchased three XX BLEMS and they all three have plenty of pop!!

Great bat

- Wednesday August 16th 2017

Been using the bat all season. Not a single issue. Great weighting. Smooth sweet spot. Not a single issue.


- Wednesday August 16th 2017

These blemished models did me great over the summer! I bought three of them, and they lasted the entire summer. One even came finished! I love the price of these and the quality! Can't beat it. A member on the team had ordered a brand new customized bat from another major company, and it broke within the second game of using it. Mine being a "blemished" bat lasted much longer for a fraction of the cost! A very very good bat.

Can't Go Wrong With These!

- Monday June 12th 2017

Love the deals on these blems! Have yet to receive any that I have not been happy with!

Great Bats

- Wednesday May 03rd 2017

Bought this bat to use in cage but good enough to use in a game will buy from again.

Regalos a Mexico

- Wednesday May 03rd 2017

I got three birch blems. One actually came finished in Black. I sent these bats down to a Mexican League in Baja California. The owner of the team loves them. And so do his guys. Great bats, couldn't tell what was wrong, and an unbelievable price.

Quality bat, quality company

- Friday February 17th 2017

I recently purchased 2 XX Blem bats for my son (17) to use during batting practice. This marks our 6th purchase from Viper. I would and have recommend(ed) Viper to a lot of my former players and families. They are easy to talk to and have always had what I'm looking for, plus the bats are very durable.

Good cage bat

- Friday February 17th 2017

This is a good cheap bat for the cage. Warning though since these are blemished bats they will not last long. I personally had one last about 2 weeks. This was by taking hundreds of cuts daily.

Great Bats

- Friday February 17th 2017

I am always trying to get a great deal on bats and Viperbats is always a great get. Being able to get great bats at a good deal gives me way more confidence at the plate knowing that I'm not wasting my money on a stick that won't last. I have been a customer for 8 years and will be as long as I can swing a stick. Love the bats! As a side bar I lead my team in BA and 7th in the league last year! Thanks again!!

Great Bats

- Friday February 17th 2017

I am always trying to get a great deal on bats and Viperbats is always a great get. Being able to get great bats at a good deal gives me way more confidence at the plate knowing that I'm not wasting my money on a stick that won't last. I have been a customer for 8 years and will be as long as I can swing a stick. Love these bats

XX Series

- Sunday August 28th 2016

I bought four of these, in 2014 and love them. I bought three more last week, August 2016. They showed up this past Friday, and I played a game today, Sunday. One of the Beech bats, that I ordered was fully painted, so I used it today. I really like it. Since the first 4 were not finished, I had no idea that the finished product quality was so nice. It hit well (all 7 of them do) and looks great. I will be getting more Viper Bats for myself and my sons, in the near future.


- Thursday December 10th 2015

Good balanced bat. At the price, can't be beat for cage work. Might even use for tourneys.

Bought 2 XX

- Friday December 04th 2015

One lasted a week before breaking, the other went through BP's and over 70 AB's to finish the season. Great value for blems plus I love the half sizes.

Lots of pop

- Friday December 04th 2015

Better than any $120 bat I ever bought. Went through a bad stretch, breaking 3 bats in a 2 week span, so bought these till I got straight. Ended up using them the rest of the season and never had an issue with any,

the greatest

- Tuesday November 24th 2015

The greatest blems


- Wednesday August 19th 2015

Probably jinxing myself, but I bought a pair of 33" last season and I should have broken both of them by now. I recommend these to my teammates who break their Brett or Max or Maruccis. You can't beat $20

Amazing bat

- Sunday May 10th 2015

Got one of the birch bats with the intention of using it as a cage bat, but I saw it was just as good if not better than my baum bat after hitting with it for a while. I plan to order another and use them this summer for travel ball.

XX Bats

- Friday September 05th 2014

Purchased a 32" XX bat for cage work for my son. Great bat and a great value!.... Thank you.

Good looking, kind of heavy.

- Thursday September 04th 2014

The two 33" I bought were quite a bit heavier than the 33" I usually use. Great sound, great look, just a bit heavy, but they are XX bats so. Will make excellent BP bats.

Great Bat!!!

- Saturday August 16th 2014

I originally bought the birch XX (w/AP5 dimensions) for batting practice and warm up but have used it in almost every game. The 'blemished' bat has a great pop and hits better than a $130 bat I bought from Dick's Sporting Goods in the spring (which cracked after four games). I crushed my first home run since high school earlier this year. Viper Bats will be my bat supplier from now on.


- Friday July 04th 2014

Great bats especially for the price great purchase


- Friday April 04th 2014

The XX bats I ordered were great. They sent me two different kinds one broke really quickly but the other has done great. Hitting jacks and knocking in runs been using it for months now. Thx viper bats.

Great bats for the $$$

- Friday April 04th 2014

Birch 33" still hit the ball harder than Sambat maple ($120) after a some bone rubbing and breaking the wood in. Very durable as well! Great product by the best bat company in the U.S.A. and the world!

Viper LL bat

- Friday January 03rd 2014

Wanted to drop you an email thanking you for a quality bat. The finish was excellent and the quality of the wood was outstanding. Much better than I expected due to the price of the bat. Will order all our wood bats from Viper, thanks again.

Great Bat

- Thursday January 02nd 2014

Great bat for BP or hitting off the tee. Can't go wrong with buying this bat.


- Monday October 28th 2013

Great products, will order again

Good bats

- Monday October 28th 2013

These were as advertised... great for practice!

Good bats

- Thursday October 24th 2013

Bought these as cage bats to avoid breaking my CUV26. all in all theyre pretty solid. would be nice to know which models were sent incase people wanted to order the model they get again

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