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Incredible Bats

- Thursday June 13th 2019

Beautifully carved, great balance, ultralight, with incredible pop. Our team has enjoyed these all season.

What Can I Say?

- Tuesday January 08th 2019

A formidable coach I know, whose son is playing Division A Ball now, told me about these bats and said they had the most beautiful feel in the hands and very tight pop. Well, they arrived last month and honestly his review feels like faint praise. My son went nuts for these bats. He plays year-round travel ball and though it's mostly composite for kids on this team, all of the players are encouraged to swing wood in practice and occasionally games. They embrace this, as they all have eyes to play pro. After borrowing these Vipers from my son, they all want this bat now. And have become apologists for their Lousiville's, Marucci's and Eastons.

Love them

- Friday January 12th 2018

Kids love theat they are there team colors. Also that they are as heavy as there composit bates that they where using. There is no weight to get used to. They are holding up very well no breaks yet.


- Wednesday May 03rd 2017

Good bat, kids love it.

A great company!

- Tuesday February 21st 2017

ViperBats is a great company to deal with. Their customer service is top in class.

This is the 2nd year in a row that my mother has ordered them for my sons. Only one of the twelve have broke. They have been used in 174 games to date.

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