in stock youth ultralight 271 wood bat

Price: $99.95


The Youth Ultralight 271 is one of today's top selling youth wood bats. This exclusive Viper Bats model has a weight range of -8 to -10 and is perfectly balanced for maximum control and consistent contact. Why You Should Use Wood

This is an In-Stock model, meaning it is already finished and waiting for your order. Give one a home today and it will be on its way within 24 business hours.

USA Youth Bat (USABats) compliant

**Ultralights trade durability for speed and control. For greater longevity, take a look at our regular models.**

**Weight range is due to the variable density at the core of any given billet. Two identically-weighted billets cut to the same size and model can still vary by up to two ounces.**

  • Black Barrel
  • Mahogany Handle
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- Tuesday April 12th 2022
The bat is perfect in weight and length for my 11 year old. It’s balance is perfect, as matter of fact the whole team swung it!
- Monday January 28th 2019
Solid. Best way to describe. Got the bat for my 7 year old in Pinto (Pony Baseball). Weight was right at -10. Flawless finish, engraving centered, and label correctly placed to properly orientate for contact point.
The birch really is the middle ground read more
Wood Bat
- Tuesday November 20th 2018
Great purchase. It was easy to customize the bat on line, and delivery was quick. My son has had a blast with it, and its holding up great thus far.

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USA Youth Bat (USABats) compliant
  • Models: 271, 73, 243L, and the NEW JC24
  • Weight: -8 to -10
  • Length: 24" - 30"
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Get the lightest bats possible for less per-bat. Your choice of up to three different sizes with a shared customization scheme.

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youth ultralight wood bat

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USA Youth Bat (USABats) compliant
  • Weight: -8 to -10
  • Available Models: 271, 73, 243L and the NEW JC24

  • Ash, Birch, or Maple: $99.95

Ultralights are a Viper special creation, made to allow younger players to start practicing with wood bats sooner than previously possible.

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youth 271 wood bat

All Around Performer

USA Youth Bat (USABats) compliant
  • Ash, Birch, or Maple: $99.95
  • Knob: Medium Flare
  • Handle: Medium
  • Barrel: Medium
  • Feel: Balanced
  • Weight: -4 to -6

The 271 is one of the most popular models in baseball today, known in the big leagues for its smooth swings and versatility across batting styles.

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