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Excellent Fungo!

- Friday July 02nd 2021

The Viper Fungo is a great bat. Perfect for hitting grounders and long outfield flies. Fit and finish are good. Bat swings easy, and it doesn’t take much to hit the ball to the outfield.

Great bats

- Wednesday December 04th 2019

Just got my masterpiece made by Trevor and crew. Always great bats with solid wood. That never disappoint. I highly recommend any bat they make. Thanks again Trevor.

Nice Fungo

- Monday February 12th 2018

This is my first Viper fungo. Craftsmanship is top notch. It feels great and hits great. The only criticism i have, is that it is an ounce or two heavy. However, I've noticed, w/ the slight difference in weight, as compared to other fungos on the market, you don't have to swing as hard to get the ball where you need it to go.

Beautifully done.

- Thursday August 17th 2017

The flared knob, for me a least, has provided a lot of relief for my hands when swinging the R2 35" Fungo throughout a long practice. Great wood, with nice color options. I would highly recommend this Fungo to anyone in the market for one. I have only had it a few months through both a school, and summer ball season but so far the bat has held up great - no cracks, peeling, etc. Great bat.

Great bats for a great price.

- Monday May 08th 2017

Don and the rest of the guys put out a good product. I've bought 7 fungos, 4 R2s and 3 R1s, over the past 7 yrs for myself and my asst. coaches. I have also purchased an additional 25 wood bats from them too. Never gotten a bat that I wasn't happy with. If you have the chance to pick it up in person do it, Don gives tours and you get to see how it done and what new products they are working on.

Great Fungo

- Thursday January 21st 2016

We purchased this fungo for our 10u travelball coach. He loves it. It hits true and sturdy with very little effort. I would definitely order again, plus we were able to get our team colors which was awesome.

Customization is awsome

- Wednesday July 01st 2015

I have been using these fungo's as coach's gifts. Everyone loves the color options, and customization. If you want a great gift that someone remembers a season on and can use this is it. On the use side, they are a bit soft for Maple, you will start seeing the grain lines after a few days of use. It is still just a fungo... and a good one at that. Love the knob...


- Tuesday March 24th 2015

I have ordered a Fungo and a 28in Maple for my son from these guys in our team colors. Being that we run a 9 year old baseball organization that plays under the name NTX VIPERS I thought it would be cool to buy a Viper Bat more so as a novelty than anything else. When I got it in the mail I was blown away! The fungo has held up very well and looks one of a kind. Literally every coach asks about it. As far as my sons bat goes, you will see nothing like it anywhere else. We will hopefully be ordering the 3 bat package for our wood bat tourneys later this season.

Great Product

- Wednesday March 11th 2015

Have been coaching for a handful of years at the varsity baseball level now. These Fungos have been great to me. Strong. Long lasting. Will buy again and again.

Works as expected

- Thursday September 04th 2014

What can I say, it is a Fungo bat.

Best fungo ever!

- Monday August 04th 2014

I have been a baseball and softball coach for Years and like many coaches have always been in search of the perfect fungo. I now specialize in softball and only use viperbats! The quality, durability, colors and customization options are the best I could ever ask for! I will always swing a viper fungo as long as I am coaching.


- Thursday January 02nd 2014

Great product, will order again. The colors pop on this bat.


- Monday November 04th 2013

Great fungo! easy to hit with.

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