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Great Fungo

- Friday December 18th 2020

My staff loves these, We have been using them for a couple months and they are not showing any marks at all. They are very balanced. The 35 inch is great for hitting infield.


- Wednesday April 24th 2019

First time I have ever used Viper bat.
Great fungo

Fungo review

- Monday August 13th 2018

Ordered my Viper when Baseball started I used it and it worked great had no issues. Until the last game during IO the bat broke was so disappointing. I took care of it not sure why but it happens. I went here because a coach I know used you he hasn’t had any issues and has had the bat for 2 years now. Wish mine would’ve w not that long.


Great Fungo

- Wednesday December 27th 2017

Been used in Fall high school ball and currently in club ball. Has held up great! Love all the color options. Shipping was fast too!


- Monday May 15th 2017

The fungo I purchased shipped and was delivered in excellent shape. The bat is being used everyday and is keeping well in shape.

Great Fungo

- Sunday February 19th 2017

Have had many different fungos, but Viper has been the most trustworthy. Right amount weight hit to both infield and outfield.

Great fungo

- Thursday July 30th 2015

I have been used to a little bit longer fungo for hitting fly balls, but this fungo was easy to get comfortable with. The barrel seems a bit bigger than your standard fungo, which makes everything easier. Great fungo for infield and outfield. Only bad thing I have to say is the way it cracked at the end of the season. The crack started at the end of the handle and slowly grew larger. I still use it with the crack.

R1 Fungo

- Thursday July 09th 2015

This Fungo is great for infield and outfield hitting. I love it, my coaches love it, my players (ages 6 - 8) think it looks kool!! I would definitely recommend getting one! Im going to get anther one for my dad for fathers day (I could tell he wants one)

Awesome Fungo

- Monday August 04th 2014

I've had a lot of fungos but none like a Viper Bat. Solid barrel head that the ball jumps off.

Great Bats!

- Thursday July 03rd 2014

As always, Viper Bats makes a great fungo. Thanks

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