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Excellent Product All Star caliber Customer Service!

- Tuesday August 11th 2020

First and foremost the product that Viper bats continues to produce as far as quality and cost is comparable or better that’s others in the market. I have chosen to only use their bats for the las 10 years or so. Now! with that said the best part of all is their customer service and attention to detail. No request is too great for these guys. Every and any issues we might have had was and is still being resolved immediately and with absolute good faith. Keep up the great job!!!
I love my Viper Bats!

Quality Bats

- Friday January 04th 2019

We are repeat shoppers with Viper Bats. This year we narrowed down our choices to bats that will assist an 11-12 year-old player to a heavier bat. The prior years we had success with the youth bats in both "big" 2 5/8 and 2 1/4 inch barrels. Due to the cost of a wood bat we chose maple wood due to the longevity of maple bats. We ordered a three pack of bats that showed up between -4 and -5 weights on a 31 inch bat. This has been great for our training and allows the players to swing an evenly weighted bat. We received our bats quickly and with no flaws or problems. We will continue to purchase wood bats from Viper Bats due to service and quality.

Viper Bat Pro Light 3 Pack

- Tuesday November 20th 2018

I purchased the Pro Light 3 pack for my son's birthday and both of could not be more pleased with the bats. Not only was I able to get him a couple different styles being able to personalize and customize the bats. As for their performance my son is very pleased with both models he rwceived. I will not hesitate to purchse more Viper bats in the future.

Great bats

- Tuesday August 21st 2018

Bought these 3 bats before the season because my son always was breaking bats left and right, but this year he made it all season without one breaking, and he loved the feel and pop on all three of these, great bats.

Gorgeous bats

- Friday March 30th 2018

I ordered bats with the flame treated barrel..bats came out great...ordered a few more :)

Great bats!

- Sunday January 28th 2018

Great bats!

Perfect weight ratio

- Wednesday May 03rd 2017

They guys over at VB did a great job with my Pro Light bats down to my custom made bat knob. The bats have great structural integrity as well as perfect weight ratio and balance. I've grown older with this company and I will not order bats from anyone else. At 42 i just won the MVP of my 35+ baseball league all while using pro light viper bats. Thank you.

Pro-Light Ash 175G

- Friday April 15th 2016

Still play in multiple leagues, 28+ and 38+ and these bats are great. Strong and durable despite the -4 and -5 ounce difference. If you know how to swing wood and need a lighter bat, these are your bats! Did I mention, 3 bats for 214.00!! Hopefully, Viper will start making more models in the Pro-Light Series..Hint, Hint!

ProLight 3 pack

- Tuesday January 05th 2016

My 13yr old son is transitioning from a metal bat league to wood bat league. Viper provided a great opportunity to try 3 different models/turn options via the prolight 3 pack.

Prior to placing the order online, I called viper to discuss bat options suitable for my son. We had some options in mind but wanted additional ideas. The representative from viper asked a few questions about my sons height, weight and type of hitter he is and offered some suggestions.

We placed a prolight custom color order that was shipped quickly and cheaply to Canada. My son has used all 3 of these high quality bats non stop since receiving them and has gravitated to one model.

The ability to order different models in the 3 pack prolight option is fantastic for those new to wood bats and have no idea the model that suits them best. We will be placing another prolight 3 pack custom order very soon with viper and all three bats will be of the same model type.

Great value

- Friday December 04th 2015

Getting 3 high quality bats at a discount is great.

ProLight 3 Pack

- Wednesday October 30th 2013

Excellent, quality bats at a good price. Great for kids needing to get used to a wood bat after using aluminum bats for so long. Customer service was excellent and helped explain the different bat models and types of handles.

Viper Bats

- Wednesday October 23rd 2013

Ordered 3 bats. Received fairly quickly. Hit with the 271 for about 8 swings and a grain ring sheared off which created a flat spot. Not happy with the wood on that one. Another one was snapped by a teammate, but tape and a screw makes it ok fo BP. The last one has about 8 hits on it in 17 ABsthis Fall for the KC Royals Elite Scout team...overall, not too bad, very disappointed that a quality check didn't pick up the defect.

ProLight 3 pack

- Wednesday October 23rd 2013

Great product, great value, great look!

Pro Light 3-Pack Maple

- Friday September 20th 2013

These bats are well balanced and well priced. The customization is a big bonus as well. With being able to select color, size and have his name on them, it makes my son feel like a real pro not to mention he hits well with them.

The 3 pack is great so you're not left without a bat if you break one.

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