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Viper Bat delivers!

- Monday August 10th 2020

Bought this bat for my son for his Junior year. He hit his first out of the park HR with this new bat! Thank you Viper bats for being a part of this special moment for him......and for me!!

Great quality, looks, and feel

- Tuesday January 08th 2019

This bat was purchased for training and hitting workouts for the transition to the BBCOR standard. Bat arrived only 1 week from order and the custom colors, finish, and details were perfect. Bat was beautiful and had a great feel. Now 2 months into training and the bat performs great. Grip was added and the bat is holding up very well. A couple thousand hits in with real baseballs off a tee and front toss and all is great. Bat is used by a fairly strong 13 year old who prefers a larger grip and some end load. Plus he loves all the compliments from his teammates and parents!

Great Bat

- Monday October 16th 2017

I purchased this bat in a 33.5" and have already purchased another in a 33" to have options. Great bat nicely finished and great service. The only thing that I noticed is that the barrels seem smaller in diameter than the other manufactures bats. I would recommend this bat and company to anybody swinging wood

AP5 Wood Bat

- Thursday July 30th 2015

I purchessed the AP5 wood bat and I love it. It has a nice sweet spot with a lot of pop. It was a great bat for the price.

Good Quality Back-up

- Monday June 02nd 2014

I purchased a 34.5 Ash APV5. to test out a different style than the usual MD99 i usually get. Mainly use this for BP and in case Maple or Birch game bat breaks. Its well made and durable. I prefer a larger knob and end weighted bat, so this gets thru the zone a little slower for me, but thats personal preference. Ag great bat for someone who wants a evenly balance bat that will last.


- Wednesday October 23rd 2013

a good bat

Bat was a huge hit!

- Wednesday October 23rd 2013

We bought this bat for our grandson's birthday. When he received it, he was ecstatic! The bright neon orange was the best color! He loved the grip. We were a hit and he's done a lot of hitting with his new bat!

now known as best gift giver

- Friday September 13th 2013

Ordered a custom bat for a graduation gift. Added named and had it done in college colors. We now have title of best gift givers.

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Ships within 24 hours

  • Maple: $119.99
  • Material: Maple
  • Knob: Medium Flare
  • Handle: Medium
  • Barrel: Medium-Large
  • Sweet Spot: Large
  • Feel: Slight End Load
  • Weight: -3

The classic power hitter's bat - built to get plenty of distance without giving up too much control.

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  • Sweet Spot: Sweet Spot
  • Feel: Slight End Load
  • Weight: -3

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