Wood Baseball Bats - Where they're used

Wood baseball bats are available for all leagues and levels of play. Wood baseball bats embody the true spirit of the game we call baseball. Wooden baseball bats are hand crafted Precision tools used by hitters. These precision crafted maple bats provide the sweet sound of the crack of the bat when good contact is made.

All major league and minor league teams use wood. The popular choice by hitters today is maple. Rock Maple makes the hardest bats. Maple bats have helped account for the long ball, and the higher averages.

Wood bats are crafted from rock or sugar maple, ash, birch or bamboo woods. Woods vary greatly in quality. Like furniture dealers, wood bat manufacturers can select from many grades of wood. The higher quality wood bats strive for hardness, strength, and density without being too heavy. Many claim that maple bats achieve this crucial balance of strength and durability. The best bats are made from A grade or Pro stock.

Maple baseball bats are among the most popular choices, with ash being its biggest competitor. Maple wood is endowed with a tight grain that offers many of the qualities suited for smacking a baseball. The better the grade of maple, the more expensive the bat, so remember to ask about the wood.

Factors to consider when purchasing a maple bat, like other bats, are weight, length, barrel and handle size. Many young hitters see the bats used in the big leagues and want that style. However, the best bats for the younger hitters and not the same models used on T.V.

Additionally, many players take advantage of the swing-empowering benefits of owning a maple baseball bat. Serious batters in the non-professional leagues, or who have major league aspirations, will often practice with a wood bat instead. The sweet spot is more precise and wood bats are solid so they weigh more. After practicing with a wood bat, come game time, your aluminum bat swing will be much more dangerous.