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The team at Viper Bats are true craftsmen. From the careful and deliberate section and storage of their wood billets which are weighed, graded and racked with precision and care, to the final hand sanding - these guys take great pride in their work.

Daniel Petrzelka

Viper Bats was the best thing that happened to me. I started swinging Viper Bats my first year of pro ball and never looked back.

Chadwin Stang

I ordered 2 dozen bats for my son last season. Not only did Viper get them to me in an expedited fashion but, all 24 were identical and just the way I ordered them. The attention to detail and finish of these hitting weapons is second to non in the baseball world.

Robert Hernandez

Great customer service great prices fast shipping!!!!

Joe Tello

Fantastic bats at a great price, and amazing customer service. Look forward to many more years of working together!

Geoff Silver

Quality, durable and customized bats at the price of off the shelf bats. Can't go wrong with that.

Will King

I bought 3 bats from them (ash, maple, and birch) 2 years ago and all are made with quality wood. Customization is a nice option at a very reasonable price.

Colby R

Put in a last minute custom order with these guys and it came out perfect! The customer service was excellent and the bat was delivered promptly. These guys definitely came through in the bottom of the 9th!

Michael H.

I've been using Viper bats for close to 5 years now. I will never swing anything other than a Model 222. Well made bats. My son uses a Little League Model for batting practice in his youth league and I have sent several other players parents to Viper for bats. Great Product Great Company!

Chris Tuttle

The team at Viper Bats is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to there craft. Viper provides an awesome product that performs extremely well. I would order again and again!

Jeff McKee

I have worked w/ Viper Bats for the past few years, using them as a provider for our entire club. They provide high quality bats in a variety of price ranges. The older age groups love the custom series, and the youngers love the pro lite big barrells and the youth customs.

Irish Tobias

I bought by son his first birch bat (Model 243) from this company after he kept breaking his maple and ash bats. The birch bat lasted three times as long as other wood bats that he had previously purchased elsewhere. The Birch seemed to have more pop in it than the previous maple and ash bats he had swung and the ball really seemed to carry. In my opinion Viper bats are worth the money. He has tried others but comes back to the Viper Birch Model 243. Highly recommend !

Joe Schneider

I've purchased the most high quality and best performing bats of my life at Viper bats. Truly incredible strength and usability. Their build process is as good as it can get. Options for paint and customizing could keep you busy all day. Thats how great character and player relationship with the equipment begins.

Brian Hall

I bought my first one about 5 years ago and immediately the bat had pop like no other maple, ash or birch bats. The longevity was great, I would still have my original but I let someone else use it and they clearly missed the sweet spot. So I bought another, So pleased.

Josh Sheppard

I bought a three pack of bats from Viperbats to try different models, I was very happy with the bats supplied, the quality is very good they lasted the season out with plenty of pop left in them . I'll buy from them again.

Geoff Williams