Finding the right wood bat

Wood Baseball bats are available in different barrel sizes and lengths. Little League, Senior League, and college level baseball bats vary and have to be within certain measurement parameters, depending on the league.

Little League bats are 2 ¼" diameter barrels, Senior league bats are a standard 2 ½". The bigger the barrel on a bat the heavier it is. The pro models usually have 2 5/8 " barrels. The bigger the barrel the harder they are to swing.

The advanced levels of play wood bats are mandatory.

Many players prefer the classic feel of a wood bat. They assert that wood bats are equal to their metallic counterparts, if not better. Others prefer the sound of a good wood bat. Regardless of a bat's composition, all bats have a "sweet spot." This special spot is located on the upper-mid section of a bat and punches the ball with the most power. Many players select a bat based solely on the size of the sweet spot.

To find the right bat, consider which league it is designed for; the length, weight, and circumference of the barrel; and your price range. Remember that wood bats usually weigh more because they are solid and designed to withstand snapping.