Image Submission Guidelines

Depending on whether you're submitting a trophy bat image or a custom signature, some of this may or may not be relevant to you. If you're not sure on something, use your best judgment. We're here to back you up.

The Guidelines

Keep It Legal: We cannot produce anything that is copyrighted or otherwise protected as someone else's intellectual property. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pro Team Logos
  • Corporate Logos
  • Images of people without their consent (or whose consent you could not reasonably assume; obviously a surprise gift would lose a lot of surprise otherwise).

Keep It Appropriate: Use your best judgment here.

Upload High Quality: We definitely don't need 20MB files, or even 15MB. But for anything less, don't shrink your image. It's easier to shrink an image than to enlarge it.

Keep It Simple: An image that's too complex or too large may not turn out so well on the small, rounded surface of a bat.

We're Always Here: If you've got a question, reach out. We're here to help.

Image Upload Form

Please make sure to read the details for you upload option on the left.