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platinum ap5 wood bat

Ships within 24 hours - Ink Dot

  • Maple: $129.95
  • Material: Maple
  • Knob: Medium Flare
  • Handle: Medium
  • Barrel: Medium-Large
  • Sweet Spot: Large
  • Feel: Slight End Load
  • Weight: -3

The classic power hitter's bat - built to get plenty of distance without giving up too much control.

elite mt27 wood bat

Power & Balance

  • Ash, Birch or Maple: $169.95
  • Knob: Standard
  • Handle: Thin
  • Barrel: Large
  • Sweet Spot: Large

The MT27 is a replica of the Old Hickory MT27. Its long barrel combined with great balance make this model an RBI producing machine.

Wood Comparison

175g wood bat

Power/Lead-Off Hitter

  • Ash, Birch, or Maple: $129.95
  • Knob: Small Flare
  • Handle: Thin
  • Barrel: Medium
  • Sweet Spot: Sweet Spot
  • Feel: Slight End Load
  • Weight: -3

Built for lead-off hitter's looking to get a little extra pop to swipe those extra bases.

Wood Comparison