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Elite 3 Pack Wood Bats

Top Value | Save 10% per bat!

Stock Up. This 3-Pack benefits from a reduced per-bat price and great customization options, including the option to pick 3 completely different models.
  • Ash, Birch or Maple: $399.99

Pick up to three different models with a shared customization scheme for a reduced price. All Viper Elite use prime-grade wood and are ink-dotted.

Elite I13 Wood Bat

A Classic Power Hitter

  • Ash, Birch or Maple: $149.99
  • Knob: Sharp Flare
  • Handle: Thin
  • Barrel: Extra-Large
  • Sweet Spot: Large
  • Feel: End Loaded

The I13 packs one heck of a punch, leveraging serious momentum and hitting surface to hit harder and farther. Unless you are highly experienced, we generally recommend the I13L over the I13.

JH9 Wood Bat

Power, with a little flare

  • Ash, Birch, or Maple: $119.99
  • Knob: Medium Flare
  • Handle: Thin
  • Barrel: Large
  • Feel: End Loaded
  • Weight: -2

Take the old-school 243 barrel and combine it with the comfort of a flared 271 knob and you're rewarded with the JH9.

Made for the old-school power hitter, you'll need plenty of strength to take full control of this beast.