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ps271 wood bat

271 Evolved

  • Ash, Birch, or Maple: $119.99
  • Knob: Slight Flare
  • Handle: Medium
  • Barrel: Large
  • Sweet Spot: Large
  • Feel: Balanced
  • Weight: -3

The PS27:1 is very popular in the big leagues and preferred by many power hitters as well as contact hitters. This model takes the standard 271 and grows its sweet spot while still retaining all the qualities that make the 271 so beloved across every league, including its balance and ease of swing. This model give you both power and speed with the best balance of wood density and strength for a great durable model.

Wood Comparison

elite 175g wood bat

Power/Lead-Off Hitter

  • Ash, Birch or Maple: $149.99
  • Knob: Small Flare
  • Handle: Thin
  • Barrel: Medium
  • Sweet Spot: Large
  • Feel: Slight End Load

Built for lead-off hitter's looking to get a little extra pop to swipe those extra bases.

Wood Comparison