XX Series: Blemished Wood Bats


Runoffs that failed to meet Viper's rigorous standards on at least a few different points of inspection.

  • Sold As-Is. (Not Customizable.)
  • Ship "Within 48 Hours" (Sometimes within minutes of ordering.)
  • For higher quality blems, see our X-Series
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xx blemished fungo

Blemished Fungo

  • Sizes: 34", 35", 36"
  • Maple: $49.99

Blemished fungos are here for coaches and players needing a fungo without all the bells and whistles.

xx blemished wood bat

Cheapest Option.

These are blemished wood baseball bats.

  1. Ash, Birch or Maple: $49.99

Because these bats are sold either at or below cost, the only specifications we allow are length and material.

xx blemished wood softball bat

Cheap Practice/Cage Bat.

These bats are blemished wood softball bats and do not come with ASA™ stickers.
  • Ash, Birch or Maple: $49.99

Despite being rejected from our process, many swear by the quality of our blems. They are not cleared for official games, but make excellent practice bats.