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X-Series is our entry level maple bat. These bats are pulled from our pro production line for failing one of our 14 quality control points. The grain may be off or a slight defect ect. They are still great bats just not good enough for our professional players. So we decided to offer these as a low cost entry into maple bats.

These are a number of various different models and are not model specific.
These will be -3 +/- 1/2 oz.
Barrel will be 2.45 to 2.55
Handle will be from .90 to 1"
The only choice is the size.
This maple bats is in stock and ready to ship with in 48 hours.
Price: US$64.95


The model 73 breaks all the typical molds as this fan favorite works well for the contact hitter and the power guy alike. It has the bulk of your typical power hitter's bat, yet features a large bell knob to counteract the end load of its huge barrel, increasing bat speed through the zone. This increase in agility is one of the many reasons this model is a favorite among those smaller hitters with the desire to swing a larger bat.

Price: US$74.95


This is a one piece maple composite wood bat. This bat is available in three profiles with an inlaid fiberglass handle - 271, 141, and 243L. These bats are very well balanced with a great sweet spot and is perfect for players who need a more durable wood bat. It's also great for teams where players are sharing bats.

Price: US$129.95


This is a limited edition Snakeskin 271 colored bat. Adult sizes (31" and up) will be -3 and youth models (30" and down) will be -8 to -10 ultralights.

*Only the barrel color will have the snakeskin effect*

Price: US$89.95


This is a variety 3 pack where you can select any combination of 3 models. 3 packs all need to be the same size and color.

Price: US$229.95

The 243L may well be the best custom bat model made today. Its large sweet spot and medium handle are perfect for the power hitter while the balance and feel will please the contact hitter as well as the gap to gap person.
Price: US$74.95


The C271 is one of the most popular designs ever created. From its medium tapper knob that fits perfectly in your hand to the smooth 15/16" tapered handle that creates just the right amount of flex. It is no wonder this maximum performer has stood the test of time.

Price: US$74.95


The 110 is a timeless classic that is popular with hitters across all levels of play. This model features a slightly flared 1 15/16" knob that transitions to a 1" thick handle and 2.5" barrel making for one of the most balanced bats on the market today. The thicker handle on this model compliments the barrel size perfectly resulting in one of the more durable bats found here at Viper Bats.

Price: US$74.95

Viper Bats Model C22

This is a replica of the Marucci Cutch22 model.

Price: US$74.95

Viper Bats Model MT27

This is a replica of the Old Hickory Mike Trout Model MT27.

Price: US$74.95

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