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Maple LeafMaple bats were first seen in baseball in the 1990’s and burst onto the scene in a big way shortly after Barry Bonds 2001 season when he hit 73 home runs using a maple model 73. Maple bats have become so popular today that they are made as often as the traditional ash bat. When maple baseball bats were first being made it was hard for manufacturers to make them with consistency because of the woods moisture content. At first it didn't appear feasible to use the dense wood as a baseball bat until new technologies were introduced including VAC and RF kilns. While traditional kilns reduced the moisture level to about 15%, the newer kilns could get it down to less than ½ that allowing mills to make billets usable for baseball bats.

Elite Maple 271

Elite Series Maple Bats

Maple itself is a very hard, dense wood and a majority of maple bats are made from rock or sugar maple. The surface hardness of maple is about 20% greater than ash which has convinced many players that it gives the bat more pop. Because of maples density it does allow players to us smaller bats and have the same overall weight. The closed-grain wood also has less flexibility than ash bats. The tightness of the grain in maple makes it harder to see and will not have the clearly visible grains that you will see in ash. These characteristics make it so a maple bat will not flake, separate, or splinter resulting in a longer lasting, more durable wood bat.

Elite 110 Maple Bat

Elite 110 Maple Bat

Viper Bat’s in depth knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of maple is what has given them the edge in designing and manufacturing the highest quality maple bats in the industry.  Combining leading edge technology with truly artesian craftsmanship, each maple bat is hand boned and hand finished, with multiple quality assurance checks along the way to ensure each maple bat feels, swings, and connects at the pro level.   Viper’s skills at coaxing the best characteristics out of each and every maple bat, is what has given them the phenomenal success they enjoy today.  Quality maple wood bats, and an expanding base of loyal customers is why Viper Bats continues to become the first choice of players for maple wood bats from Tee Ball to Pro including custom wood bats.

Platinum Maple 175G

Platinum Series - Ready to ship maple bats

Popular Models Swung in Maple: - Elite 110 - ProLight 175G