XX Blemished Bamboo Softball Bat

XX Blemished Bamboo Softball Bat

Price: $39.99


The bamboo softball XX's have arrived. These are models that typically have a color flaw or a minor issue with the bat specs. These Cheap softball bats are a great value. The only options available for this model is the size. Colors and models are determined by what we have in stock for optimal down time.

These bats do not come with ASA™ stickers and are not covered by our 30 day warranty.

What makes this a blem?

These bats are pulled from our pro production line for failing two of our 14 quality control points. This means the grain may not be perfectly straight, weight variation, color blemishes, etc.

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Great Bat Company

- Saturday June 08th 2019

This bamboo bat is a great alternative to the traditional Maple or Ash bats. Great pop & durability. My team loves the full array of custom bats from Viper, as we have just about each style in our arsenal. The other point to be made is the absolute awesom...

Good Deal

- Saturday May 25th 2019

Received the blemished bat, but didn’t realize it was unfinished. Just put a few coats of boiled linseed oil on it & it’s good to go!!

blemishes bat

- Friday May 24th 2019

Identical to my custom bamboo softball bat. Same weight and feel great practice bat.

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XX Blemished Wood Softball Bat

Cheap Practice/Cage Bat.

These bats are blemished wood softball bats and do not come with ASA™ stickers.
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Despite being rejected from our process, many swear by the quality of our blems. They are not cleared for official games, but make excellent practice bats.