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Variety 3 pack

- Wednesday October 23rd 2013

Great Product if you like to keep a variety of different bats for situational hitting or if you found that bat you love you'll always have one or two on reserve in different colors!


- Wednesday October 23rd 2013

I purchased the Viper Bats model 110. I like the fact that the bats are hand boned. This makes the product more durable. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase.

APV5 PRO MAPLE 33" & 32"

- Wednesday October 23rd 2013

Ordered 2 variety3Packs, 1 set for son who is going into his sophmore year of college. He felt the APV5 was a well balanced bat with good pop as it helped him be awarded the silver slugger award from the All American Collegiate Baseball Summer league (wood Bat) played in N.C. Season ending stats Batting avg. .448, slugging .603, 2 home runs, he went thru 2 of 3 bats. The 2nd set was for my youngest son entering into his freshman year of high-school. He also liked the balance and the pop of the APV5.

Nearly Indestructible!

- Wednesday October 23rd 2013

The Inland Northwest Iron Pigs is a MSBL baseball team that plays highly competitive baseball in an all wood bat league. 9 of our 15 players swung Viper bats (made of birch) this year, and ALL OF THEM ARE STILL IN SERVICE AT SEASON END! We played a 16 game season and watched bat after bat get broken at a rate of about 2 per game. But NOT A SINGLE VIPER BAT GOT BROKEN ALL YEAR! Thank you Viper Bats for making a nearly indestructible wood bat. Viper bats are durable, quality-made, fairly-priced, and hit the crap out of a baseball! The Inland Northwest Iron Pigs are proud to swing Viper Bats and whole-heartedly endorse them! (see our website at INWIronPigs.org for pictures of Viper Bats in action)

Viper bats

- Monday October 28th 2013

Have ordered two viper 3 packs, and yet to break one. Great quality bats at low prices. very accommodating with the weights, swing an even bat which is hard to find.

Best bats period!

- Monday October 28th 2013

Without a doubt best bats ive ever used. Quality second to none. So happy ordering more.

Variety Ash Three Pack

- Tuesday October 29th 2013

Still playing baseball at age 46 in the Savannah Adult Baseball League is a privilege.

In the year 2013 (and beyond) it is not good enough to be "okay", you need to be exceptional.

Viper Bat products and service are exceptional!

serious ball coach

- Tuesday October 29th 2013

all in all they are good bats. I should've gotten the 33" instead

I love the bats

- Thursday October 31st 2013

Your birch is a great. I love ordering from here.

Viper Bat 3 pack

- Saturday January 04th 2014

I love the way you can customize thee bats. It made a great gift and the quality and craftsmanship was awesome. Would recommend to everyone.


- Thursday February 06th 2014

Bats are of wonderful quality
however the knobs that were ordered were no what we got

Bat 3 pack

- Thursday February 06th 2014

I purchased a 3 pack of bats for my son who plays baseball in college . He loves these bats, he says they have a great feel. Loves the way the ball pops off the bat. I would recommend Viper bats to any level of baseball player.

viper wood bats

- Friday February 07th 2014

I have already used this bat. it is well balanced solid. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Great Bats

- Saturday February 08th 2014

I've been buying Viper Bats for a few years now, and we have never been disappointed. The Variety 3 pack is no exception.

There is nothing bad to say about this bundle. The price is very fair, the colors are pure, the variety of styles is enormous and the quality of the wood is fantastic. We ordered birch bats; the bats have proven to be very durable and have great pop. With the Viper 3 pack, you not limited to one model. This gives the kids a chance to see what they like best. Truth be told, my son likes them all!

Great Bats/Great Value

- Monday March 10th 2014

I ordered the 3-bat multi-pack for my son. He has used the bats in several tournaments and yet to break even one of them. The bats have been of an excellent quality and a great value as well.

Great Bats

- Thursday April 03rd 2014

Going into a new baseball season I decided to order some nice maple bats. Found viper bats on the web and decided to give them a try after reading some reviews and checking out the models they offered. These bats are fantastic. I ordered the three pack and chose three different models to figure out which one I like the best. Whenever I figure that out I will most definitely be ordering another three pack. I highly recommend Viper Bats.


- Thursday May 15th 2014

These are good quality bats. I ordered ash bats. They swing like ash and feel like maple at contact. I am really particular about my bats and these bats are exactly what you want. They are durable, I take a hundred swings a day and they are barely have a mark. Buy with confidence.

Love these bats

- Thursday June 12th 2014

I ordered a custom 3 pack of Birch ( 110, 73, and p72) they have great balance and awesome pop off the barrel. Have taken a few shots off the cup and the neck and are still going strong. It is really the the perfect medium between maple and ash.

Defiantly recommend

- Thursday June 19th 2014

These bats have great pop in them I did recently break one only after maybe 8 games but other then that I have given it 5 stars

Love them!

- Wednesday July 02nd 2014

Every time I order your bats they get better and better. You can definitely count on me ordering some more in the near future.

174G three pack

- Friday August 15th 2014

I have ordered the 174G three pack twice (once ash and once birch) and have been very satisfied. The bats swing/hit well. So far in each of the three packs have had one bat that broke in the first game, but that may just be bad luck, because the other bats have lasted a long time and seem to be very durable.

Viper Bats!

- Sunday March 29th 2015

This bats are excellent!!
The quality is the best, and the price is no match!
I ordered 3 pack of 280 model. They are exactly what I wanted. Very well balanced.

Definitely buying again.!

Thaks a lot!!

Viper bats in Australia

- Sunday May 17th 2015

Very happy with my new bats, the variety3 pack made it easy to have the same length and weight with different swing feel, The finish and appearance is fantastic and they have performed as well as some other bigger name brands I have used. Thanks Viper bats.

Great product

- Monday June 01st 2015

I buy the same model every time and it's a great cut of wood every time. The more I use it the more "pop" the bat seems to have. I'll definitely be buying more

Great product

- Monday June 01st 2015

I buy the same model every time and it's a great cut of wood every time. The more I use it the more "pop" the bat seems to have. I'll definitely be buying more

Very durable

- Thursday July 30th 2015

These bats are very hard to break. I had to hit multiple balls off the end of the bat to finally break the bat. Usually bats that are hard to break are very heavy, not the case with viper bats. I swing the 35/33 model 243. People that pick up the bat are always surprised how easy it is to swing. I bought 3 at the begining of the season. 2 bats broken after 50 games plus.

Best bats I've ever used!

- Friday December 04th 2015

I've been using viper bats for a couple years and I can say I'll never use another bat.


- Friday December 04th 2015

Purchased a mixed 3 pack from viper. When my son moved up to a -3 to start jr high, I decided to go wood instead of alloy for the price. Now, my son only wants to swing wood. Hahaha. He's 15 now and is swinging 2 end loaded and one balanced bat from Viper. He loves them. The sound, the feel, the confidence. Playing in 3 leagues last year over summer and fall, he struck out a total of 5 times. Yep, 5. His confidence in these bats is remarkable. We lizard skin wrap them, and everyone wants to use them, but, he won't let em. Viper sports an excellent product at an excellent price. Their variety is unmatched. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!

Review of ash bats

- Friday February 19th 2016

Our son is 13 and his coach recommended Viper Bats as the best wooden bats around. And they are. Excellent quality, reasonably priced and exactly what a competitive player needs. Can't recommend them highly enough!

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