I picked up the bats and they look great! All of your finished bats always look like high grade furniture! I'm looking forward to trying them all out...

I just wanted to let you know that your new High Density model bats, 422HD and 423HD performed great! I tested them with even a few maple bats of other makes and I did seem hit the ball harder, and noticeably farther with the the new HD's! I was very impressed with my initial tests!

John Villalovos

To Viper Bats,

I would like to say thank you for the exceptional service we received, while ordering and receiving a new bat. My son had broke the bat we ordered for fall ball on his second at bat. I called early in the week to get a replacement and had a new bat by Saturday's first game. He hit a grand slam with it in his first game of the day. You have remarkable customer service and have another loyal customer because of it. Keep it up.

Thank you Tyler Wagner

Just wanted to tell your company that the VBB Model Bamboo Bat I purchased in May lasted my entire baseball season. My teammates' maples, ash's, and composites all split like toothpicks, but mine withstood every pitch, even the inside ones. Finished 3rd on the team in batting, and make solid contact all year. I will definately recommend Viper Bats to everyone I can. A few guys are already planning on buying from you next Spring. Quality stuff. Keep it up.

Eric C. Gregor
Team Anvil
NABA, Buffalo, NY

Just wanted to say thanks for the great bats you guys put out! I have enjoyed receiving my previous orders and have a few more in your pipeline. Beautiful products and superb balance! They feel great hitting too!
Thanks again for a superb product!

John Villalovos

Hey Guys. Just received my first order of bats. They look and feel great,I cant wait to put them in the hands of the local ball players. Everyone loves the 2 custom white/red and the orange/blue one which represent two of the local rival teams.Great job.

Tracy Aragon
The Strike Zone Cage LLC

Dear Viper Bat Company,

In 2010 I was introduced to your company through the Las Vegas Adult Baseball League president, Kelly Nunes, and ordered a 3-pack of pro maple bats in the 141, 271 and 174G models. I had used various other companies’ bats over the first half of the season and was never truly satisfied; either they felt cheap, unbalanced, or oddly weighted. I was immediately impressed by the manufacturing of your bats when they arrived and after the first game in which I used them I was further impressed by their feel and balance. From that day on I became a loyal customer and exclusive user of Viper Bats. It was also my honor to meet your company president on a visit to Las Vegas in mid-2011.

Jason D. Markiewitz
Manager, Las Vegas Marauders Baseball Club

I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your bats.  I've ordered twice from your company and have been very happy with my bats.  You guys have done an awesome job with my bats and I am very happy with them, thanks for everything 

Ricco Moreno

I received the bat i had returned for cupping yesterday, GREAT JOB!  My son is extremely happy with the way it turned out. I really appreciate your dedication to your customers satisfaction and look forward to doing more business with you again. Once again THANK YOU.

Bruce and Garrett

simply amazing,
i have ordered 7 or 8 bats from you guys and they have all been absolutely amazing. I know that i will be coming back to your company for many many years to come now. They don't just look great, they are unbelievable.  i had a 4 homers with one of the 174g models. They hit amazing as well and almost all of the bats i have owned have lasted about 2500 swings, no other company in my mind will ever measure up the the viper quality and customer service. this is a dragging out review i know but i must say the customer service is very good for a small company like viper. I would love to see the company expand but i know that drop in quality of bats can come with that.

thank you very much,
Shane Johnson
Irvine, CA

Viper Bats,

I just received my bats yesterday. They hit just as good as they look! They are AWESOME! I will definitely be a returning customer!

Thank you so much,
Tyler Itnyre

Knock on wood (literally) when I say this but I am five games away from the end of the regular season and I am using the same bat I used through pre-season practices, the current regular season, and batting practices.  I know you have my record on file but I ordered the 222 three pack of birch.  Honestly in your write up about the bat you say “hooked for life”…yup!  Do they ever hit amazing, just wanted to let you know that if this bat ever breaks and I run through the other ones I am a client for life.  One of my team-mates ordered from you as well and he feels the same way.

Just thought you would want to know, I am sure that you are bombarded by emails praising you but it is always nice to hear feedback!

Matt Marriner

I ordered this bat in the middle of May and  now the season is in full swing and last week I hit a line shot where the third baseman simply did not have time to react.  I love this bat I feel the batting average is coming up really quick maybe even a few long balls.  The bat is nice and light but sturdy great job and yes I will be buying more bats especially the bamboo bats.


My bat was delivered today. You guys did an amazing job. It looks and feels great.  Can't wait to use it in the OTL tourney this weekend. 

Thanks for the great service,

Don, I just  wanted to let you know I enjoyed working with you and your sales team. You guys are at the top of my list when it comes to customer service. The Tri-City Vipers bought 28 birch bats (model 421) from you and the team loves them. They use those bats all the time in practice and in games. My boy plays middle school ball and a lot of kids had their team picture taken with the viper bat in hand. I’m looking forward to do business with Viper Bats in the future. We will only swing Viper Bats. Thanks again You guys Rock.

Thanks Trent Rea
 “Go Vipers”

Hello Don,

My son finally broke the 32" Viper ultralight birch bat you made for us in Feb of 2010!  We used it as a cage bat, a game bat, practice bat, fungo bat and it must have hit 10,000 balls.  One tough bat that only cracked on a miss hit off the cupped end.

Robert Bonfiglio

I've purchased Vipers before for my teenage son and have always been satisfied, I just received the youth 271 for my 11 yr old= beautiful, the colors w/ the gold name and logo are awesome= he was grinning and walking around with it all night like a blanket. I'll be ordering more for his buddies once they see his. 

Thank you,
Russ F

 Viper Bats,

I just received the bat I ordered from you. A 33" ash, model 73, flame treated. This is the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Dare I say, artwork I have ever seen. I have shown my team mates my new bat and they all agree that it should be mounted in a showcase. This is the latest bat of several that I have ordered from your company, and each and everyone has exceeded my expectations for quality, durability and craftsmanship. Everyone in your company should be very proud of the products you produce. This bat is gorgeous, and as much as I would love to put it on my mantel, I can't wait for this season to start so I can swing it in a live game. I play on two different teams and teamates always beg to use my Vipers. I have a birch 33" 110B,  5 Ultra Light 32" model 73s (my kids swing the ultralights but I always have one in my bag) When a team mate asks to use one of mine I always let them because I know once they swing a Viper Bat they will be hooked on your bats. I know this is true because a team mate told me he just placed an order for his second Viper Bat. While in a slump last season he asked to use mine. He went 3-4 with a couple of RBIs. He went home that night and promptly ordered a Viper Bat of his own and never struggled at the plate again.

I'm sorry if this email is a bit rambling, but I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking such pride in your work and for making such great bats. Thank you for making me a much better hitter. Every bat I ever own will be a Viper Bat.

Thank you,

Brian E. Bouchard

Thanks so much for getting the bat that I order last week to me in such a hurry. It is absolutely beautiful!!! I can’t wait to get it into the cage tonight. Customer service is by far the best that I have seen from any company in a LONG time!
Thanks again!
Mike Sutton

Hi, Our league in North Vancouver, BC ordered 12 bats 3 years ago and most of them are still in use!  I'd like to order some more of the exact same model. 

David Jones

I am writing to let you guys know how great of a product you are putting out. Our local co-ed league went to wood bats 3 seasons ago (4th season now). I bought a Viper bat my first season and have LOVED it! It has been a very good and reliable bat over the seasons. I have found a few others locally that I purchased and tried and ALWAYS went back to my ViperBat. The bat finally broke this season and I was devastated… it is close enough to the end of the season (last game tonight) that I will order a new bat during the off season. Thank you again for having such a great product!


I just got my new viper bat today. I went through hitters inc to order it and they were great. They were the ones who suggested I give viper a try and I must tell you I am extremely impressed with this bat. I have owned many other brands and I have to say that the craftsmanship, cut and beauty of this bat rivals for the best ive had. Thank you so much for accomodating my requests and also for such a great turn around time. I will certaintly be using viperbat again and again.
Jordan Silverman

The fungo you sent me is still doing great.  I have recently taken the tape off the barrel to check for splintering.  There is minimal splintering.  The bat is still in great shape and is a very easy bat to use because of the size and weight.  In my opinion, the standard maple fungo bats feel more solid because they are heavier but as far as how hard or far you can hit the composite it is hands down better. 

Justin Moore


Chad’s bats arrived today and they are beautiful. The Chad Zone Logo looks great.
I sent you a new customer from our town, the name is Luke Yokoi, they ordered 3 birch bats there will be others I assure you

Best regards

Craig F. Knight

I recently ordered a 35in, -4 birch VB-73 bat.  It has been working great.  Solid sweet spot.  I have used the bat in two games and have hit 2 bombs with the bat. 

I can't thank you enough for the 2 bats sent to Mark. First, they were absolutely beautiful to look at and made to specification. Also, they were of particular interest to many of Mark's team mates and friends at the last tournament. Many of whom (and their parents) were impressed with the look and feel - and asked how they could order one. I suspect the more other players and families see the bats in use, the more interest is produced in Viper bats. At some point, I'm sure they will be ordering one too. Finally, Mark's bats worked extremely well - I was very impressed at the "liveliness" the bat imparted onto the ball at impact. When hit well, there is not much difference between his metal bats and his Viper wood bat. Thanks again for the swift completion of the project and getting the bats to Mark for use.

Hi Don,
Kelly's Mom here.  I too want to thank you for the wonderful experience you gave Kelly.  I also want you to know that not only did Kelly enjoy seeing how the bats were made, but he also talked in great length about how you were able to incorporate your passion for baseball into a job and even more importantly how willing you are to share your knowledge and success with these young men.  You are a wonderful mentor and example for all those young baseball enthusiasts out there.  What an asset you and your son are to the baseball community! 
            Thanks again, Suzie Rockey


Just wanted to let you know I got the bat about a week ago - exactly as specified.  I also noticed, that the 174G on the barrell was modified to 174JL - very nice touch (since it is a Jeff Lavelle custom model and all).  I use these good sticks more selectively these days, but also wanted you to know I'm 1 for 1 with an RBI double with this one (it tied our championship game up at 3 in the bottom of the 6th... we went on to win 4-3 in the bottom of the 11th).

Not sure when I'll be ordering again (I do have a birthday coming up) - but I will be doing so through you guys.  I absolutely love those bats.

Thanks again,

Thanks again for making only the best bats on the mark! Our team in Hawaii loves them!

Zachary B




Hi Don,
After trying your bats for a year, we’re so convinced your bats are the best that we’ve added a link to viper bats on our website and mandated that our players use Viper bats.

Jeff Hollar, Tigers Baseball

You have outdone yourself this time. The bats are great! Thank you for the fungo and all of the extras you threw in.
On another note I went 4 - 4 today with a HR (approx 402, center field), 2 doubles and Single with the my wonderful birch bat. I love my bats SO darn much, the  VB-B2K, 33, White/Black will be next on the list! The bats are better than any bat I ever used in the Minors. I just can't get enough of the ViperB's. You do great work! More bat orders to come in about 7 days. Don, keep up the great work, thanks again.
Jami James

WE just received our order --- and the bat is a work of Art --- it
belongs over the mantle. Beautiful straight grain . But the bat is so nice, It's
definitely worth every penny.

Marc B.

I was batting .285 before, and I finished the year batting .322 and I had 9
homers and 26 doubles after I got the bat, again thanks , I will be getting
more quite soon, winter ball starts in a month...


Hey, this is Conley Sampson, I just wanted to say thank you for the bats and
batting gloves. They have been perfect. I have not had any cracks or chips
at all yet and I have been taking at least 500 cuts a day for the last 2
weeks. Also, the batting gloves have been amazing. They have not even been
close to ripping. Through all my batting gloves that I have had in my life,
these are easily the best. I have used all of the bats in scrimmages and the
best best bats of all of the ones that I bought and that were sent, are the
"VB-271" and the one you have sent me to test, the "VB-C75". Many of the
boys on my team are asking me how to get Viper Bats for the winter ball and
season, so I have directed them your way. I would not change a thing with
any of the baseball bats, they all have amazing pop and a weighed perfectly.
I wanted to thank you again and I am more than positive that I will be
buying more bats from you guys also.

Conley Sampson
"Clackamas Community College

Thank you so much for sending our son a new bat!!!
We want you to know he really did not hit it wrong.
I also wanted to let you know that he was at large tryout yesterday
and I told EVERYONE how great the bat is and how your such a stand up
I really appreciate it!
Thank you Zina Haly

Wanted to let you know how the tournament went. Everything went great. The bats looked fantastic. Both Tommy John and Goose Gossage made unsolicited comments about how nice the bats were. They both asked where I bought them and I told them about you. I think we broke one all day long- with Goose throwing in the 80's all day. We'll do it again next year. I'll send you some pictures.

Daniel T. Brandolino
Daniel T. Brandolino, Midwest Area Sales Director
Chevron Energy Solutions

The bats were fantastic! Great quality bats that you went the extra mile
on. It was truly appreciated, by myself as well as all the players.We had a fall workout, and each of the players was using his new viper bat in the cages!!!They love them, and they're using them! A total win - win!

Thanks to you and your team!

Dennis Nagel
Lawrence Pirates

These guys are legit. The bats they make are outstanding. Wide grain ash and maple with lots of pop. I have used their maple in the cage and have over 1500 swings on each bat. I would recommend them.
Tyson Boston
Jacksonville Senators.
Independant League.

Talked to a friend's son today who has been using the maple 72 model for two weeks now, in games and BP. He took it to a Sam Houston State (D1-AA school) baseball camp last week. He passed it around to a few of his buddies and they all liked it. Then one of the coaches at the college, who recently played at Rice Univ. took a few hacks with it. He said it was one of the best bats he's ever swung, then proceeded to put a few out of the park with it!

My friends son says that about 5-6 guys now want one because they like the way they feel, talking about balance.
Good stuff Don, keep up the good work!

Chris Flores
Cameron Sports

These bats are great. I need to order 6 more for the season. Thanks.

John Kievit
Director, Off Premise Sales
Fedway Associates, Inc.

I just received the two bats you made for me and let me tell you that I am
thoroughly impressed. They feel great. the navy one turned out great.
thank you very much, my roommate is now interested in getting some soon.
Thank you again,

Andrew Engebretson.

The little league bats you made look great. Thanks for the quality wood.

Paul Bianchini

The team bats look great. Thanks for your efforts .

Thank you,
Stephanie Cooper, Director/CFO
Northwest Baseball Academy

You guys are great. The bats you make are some of the best I have seen. The bats you traced or duplicated were perfect.

John Andersen
Diamond Distribution
Manufacturer Accounts Manager

The teams and league were impressed with the quality of the bats. I look forward to ordering more. Your quick turnaround id the best I have dealt with.

Chris Barnhart

The Bats Worked great! I plan on ordering more bat in the near future. Thanks
again for the great service. I'll recommend you to my teammates. Take care
and I'll be ordering with you soon.

Ryan D. Weber


I got the bats yesterday. Man these are pretty sweet looking! I'm going to see the kid tomorrow who ordered them, I'm sure he is going to love them, now I'm just going to have to talk him into letting me take a couple swings with one..hahaha. I'm sure once the other kids see these they'll be wanting there own as well. Thanks again Don, I'll be in touch soon.

Mike Trott
Putty Hill18U