ProLight Wood Bats - Drop 4 to 5

These bats are perfect kids making the transition from metal to wood bats and need something just a little bit lighter than your standard wood bat. The models offered are all great balanced bats with good sized sweet spots

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This is a 3 bat pack of your choice of our ProLight models. These bats will come between a -4 and -5 and are great for the younger kids transitioning from wood to metal but need a little help with the weight.

Price: $179.95

Viper Bats Model 271

A C271 turning with a 15/16" handle and a 2 1/2" barrel. The knob is the industry standard for tapered models. Knob is 1 15/16". This is one of the most popular models used by any league. This Wood bat features a flared knob, tapered handle and balanced feel.

Knob - Slight Flare
Handle - Med 15/16"
Barrel - Med-2.50"

Price: $74.95

Viper Bats Pro-Light 280

This is a sweet swinging custom model. We took the standard 271 and added a 2.4" knob. The knob allows the head to jump out on this model. Hitters will find their bats getting to the ball quicker with this model. The 2.51" barrel gets to the ball quickly with this model. The balance is incredible.

Price: $74.95

Viper Bats Model 110

A Louisville M110 turning with a 1" handle, and a 2 1/2" barrel. The Knob is 1 15/16" slightly flared. This is the most popular bat in the Major & Minor leagues.

This bat will be between a -4 to -5 weight drop.

Price: $74.95


This is an industry standard model adult wood baseball bat. The Viper Model 175G is a medium barreled model with a thin handle with a large sweet spot. This is a slightly end loaded bat that gets through the hitting zone quickly. This model is for experienced wood bat players and is great for lead off hitters.

The 175G is similar to the AP-5 with a slightly larger sweet spot.

Price: $74.95

Viper Bats Model 421

This is an old Glomar turning of the original AZ421. Good size barrel and a thin handle with a small knob. This bat has a pro profile with a great sweet spot.

Price: $74.95