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Viper Bats Model D25

The D25 is a modified model D24 that Logan Morrison sent to us over the off-season to trace. This model has a flared knob with a thin handle that transitions into a medium sized barrel and has a large sweet spot. With the large sweet spot this model is perfect for the guys who are capable of hitting home runs but don't want to sacrifice making contact to get them.

Price: US$84.95

Viper Bats Model I13

This is a standard Louisville I13 turning. It has a standard sized knob with a sharply flared handle in the bottom hand. The top hand and the neck are long and thin then it jumps up quickly to a large and long barrel. The handle comes in at 15/16" and the barrel is 2.57". This model is very end loaded.

Price: US$84.95

Viper Bats Model I13L

The Viper Model I13L is a modified Louisville I13 for today's minor league player. It doesn't have the extreme barrel diameter of the original but with the smaller barrel it has a slightly longer sweet spot for more consistent power numbers.

Price: US$84.95

Viper Bats Model L179

The L179 is a standard professionally turned model with a flared knob similar to that of a 271 with a medium handle. This model also has a large barrel and is slightly end loaded which power hitters require. It also has a large sweet spot making it a good option for the gap to gap hitter as well.

Price: US$84.95

Viper Bats Model MD99

This is a custom Viper Bats exclusive model that has a Xbats - Model 98 barrel with our Viper-73 knob. All Elite series bats are hand selected, 360 radial boned for the hardest bats available, hand sanded, and double dipped for an incredible finish.

Price: US$84.95

Viper Bats Model 421

This is an old Glomar turning of the original AZ421. Good size barrel and a thin handle with a small knob. This bat has a pro profile with a great sweet spot.

Price: US$74.95


This is a three pack of either ash, birch, or maple 2.25 inch wood bats. These bats will have between a drop 4 to drop 6 weight differential.

Price: US$99.95


This is an industry standard model adult wood baseball bat. The Viper Model 175 is a medium barreled model with a thin handle with a large sweet spot. This is a slightly end loaded bat that gets through the hitting zone quickly. This model is for experienced wood bat players and is great for lead off hitters.

The 175G is similar to the AP-5 with a slightly larger sweet spot.

Price: US$69.95

This is a 7 peg coat rack that is 35", just in time for the holidays. This is a big league model 73 baseball bat.
Price: US$55.00
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Viper Bats Model 110B

This is a standard 110 barrel with the original cone knob. This is the perfect marriage of the 2 most popular models. It has the well balanced feel of the 110 and the bat speed of the big knob models.

Price: US$84.95

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