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Viper Bats High Density Model TH17The TH17HD is a high density maple bat with a flared knob. This model will be about a -3 in weight with a full cup. The HD Series are maple bats made from the densest wood around.
Price: US$79.95

Award - Trophy - Display Bat
Viper Bats Trophy and/or Award BatThe perfect gift tailored for your sports fan, coach, player, graduating senior or the baseball or softball player who has everything. These Maple bats make the perfect unique personalized corporate gift for clients or top producers to display in their office. We offer three lines of laser engraving on this model.
Price: US$60.00

Bamboo Baseball Bat VBB
Viper Bats Model VBB

The VBB model is a high quality bamboo bat custom crafted in the U.S.A. This model can be ordered with a reinforced handle as well.

The barrel is a 2.5" with a 15/16" handle. The length to weight is -3.

Price: US$59.95

Viper Bats Model 110

A Louisville M110 turning wood bat with a 1" handle, 2 1/2" barrel, and a knob that is 1 15/16" slightly flared. This is a great bat choice for players of all ages and swings very balanced.

Similar to a CB15
Price: US$74.95

Bamboo Baseball Bat Model - 73
Viper Bats Model 73BB

This bamboo bat sports a large tapered knob and big 2.5" full barrel. The sweet spot has lots of pop on the bamboo model. This is for the hitters that like the big knob as a counter-balance. The over-sized knob will get this model to the ball faster.

This bat is BBCOR certified
Price: US$54.95

VBB 3 Pack
Viper Bats 3 Pack of Bamboo

The new VBB model is a high quality Bamboo Bat made in the U.S. from the finest bamboo china has to offer.

These bats are modeled after the 110 and the 243 style bat with a thin handle and a large sweet spot. The barrel is a 2.5" with a 15/16" handle. The length to weight is -3.

Price: US$154.95

Batting Gloves
Viper Batting Gloves feature genuine Pittards DIGITAL Cabretta sheepskin . Seamless palm construction for durability and double stiched design. These are pro quality gloves. They come in every standard adult and youth sizes.
List Price: US$29.95
Price: US$24.95

Viper Bats Model 110

A Louisville M110 turning wood baseball bat with a 1" handle, and a 2 1/2" barrel. The knob is 1 15/16" slightly flared. This is the most popular bat in the Major & Minor leagues.

Price: US$94.95

Viper Bats Model APV5

This bat is modeled after the AP5. This is a great bat for power and gap hitters who like a slightly larger sweet spot. The handle on this bat is also slightly flared. All Elite series bats are hand selected, 360 radial boned for the hardest bats available, hand sanded, and double dipped for an incredible finish.

Price: US$94.95


This is our standard Birch UltraLight 271. We carry these bats in-stock so they ship out quickly. These bats come with a black barrel, mahogany handle, gold logo, and are cupped.

This bat will be between between a -8 to -10 weight drop but keep in mind the ultralights are not as strong as our regular youth models.

Price: US$69.95

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