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The C271 is one of the most popular designs ever created. From the medium tapered knob that fits perfectly in your hand to a smooth 15/16" tapered handle creating just the right amount of flex, it is no wonder this maximum performer has stood the test of time.

Price: US$79.95


Standard model. Bearing the greatest resemblance to its metal counterpart, this is the top seller among our selection of softball bats. It is equipped with a standard knob transitioning to a lengthy tapered handle that meets our long barrel with a generous sweet spot. This combination provides the hitter with exceptional bat control as well as lots of pop, making this model great for all types of hitters.

Viper Bats softball models come with ASA stickers and are ASA and NSA compliant with a 2.24" barrel.

Price: US$74.95


Price: US$39.95

Viper Bats High Density Model TH17The TH17HD is a high density maple bat with a flared knob. This model will be about a -3 in weight with a full cup. The HD Series are maple bats made from the densest wood around.
Price: US$79.95

Award - Trophy - Display Bat
Viper Bats Trophy and/or Award BatThe perfect gift tailored for your sports fan, coach, player, graduating senior or the baseball or softball player who has everything. These Maple bats make the perfect unique personalized corporate gift for clients or top producers to display in their office. We offer three lines of laser engraving on this model.
Price: US$60.00

Bamboo Baseball Bat VBB
Viper Bats Model VBB

The VBB model is a high quality bamboo bat custom crafted in the U.S.A. This model can be ordered with a reinforced handle as well.

The barrel is a 2.5" with a 15/16" handle. The length to weight is -3.

Price: US$59.95


The 110 is a timeless classic that is popular with hitters across all levels of play. This model features a slightly flared 1 15/16" knob that transitions to a 1" thick handle and 2.5" barrel making for one of the most balanced bats on the market today. The thicker handle on this model compliments the barrel size perfectly resulting in one of the more durable bats found here at Viper Bats.

Price: US$74.95

Bamboo Baseball Bat Model - 73
Viper Bats Model 73BB

This bamboo bat sports a large tapered knob and big 2.5" full barrel. The sweet spot has lots of pop on the bamboo model. This is for the hitters that like the big knob as a counter-balance. The over-sized knob will get this model to the ball faster.

This bat is BBCOR certified
Price: US$54.95

VBB 3 Pack
Viper Bats 3 Pack of Bamboo

The new VBB model is a high quality Bamboo Bat made in the U.S. from the finest bamboo china has to offer.

These bats are modeled after the 110 and the 243 style bat with a thin handle and a large sweet spot. The barrel is a 2.5" with a 15/16" handle. The length to weight is -3.

Price: US$154.95

Batting Gloves
Viper Batting Gloves feature genuine Pittards DIGITAL Cabretta sheepskin . Seamless palm construction for durability and double stitched design. These are pro quality gloves. They come in every standard adult and youth sizes.
List Price: US$29.95
Price: US$24.95

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