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Viper Bats 73LLThis is a standard Model 73 trimmed down to a 2.25" to meet little league Size specifications. This model has a large knob and big sweet spot. This 73 model has a thin handle and only advanced hitters should use this model. The thin handle will break with incorrect hitting.
Price: US$44.95

Viper Bats Model 72

This favored bat features the thinnest handle available at 29/32". It has a standard knob and medium sized slightly tapered barrel(2.4") The weight drop on this bat is good making it one of the lightest models available.

Price: US$69.95

Viper Bats Model XX

You have asked and we have listened. You have requested that we make the blems and over runs available. They just are not pro grade. These are over runs or color blems size blems and over or under weight, like a -1 weight. The rules are you can order as many as you want but they are not model specific. The only thing you can specify is the size and wood type. XX Models are not returnable if you don't like the model you received, they are shipped out on what we have in stock. Bamboo is not available in 1/2 sizes

Price: US$20.00

Next day bats

This is a new special for a maple, birch, or bamboo XX's. These are overstocks or overruns and make great cage bats for off-season training. Bamboo is not available in 1/2 sizes

Price: US$65.00

Viper Bats Model VBBLLThis is a bamboo model with a 2.25" barrel . This model is a high quality Bamboo Bat made in the U.S. from the finest bamboo china has to offer. This model can be ordered with a reinforced handle as well.
Price: US$45.95

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