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Viper Bats Model G27

The G27 is the Gincarlo Stanton model. This model has a large sweet spot with a barrel diameter of 2.52", a medium handle, and flared cone knob. This model is great for power hitters who like the comfort of the flared knob.

Price: US$74.95

Viper Bats Model Y141

A Louisville T141 turning with a 29/32" handle and a 2.40" barrel. This model has a conventional knob and is a very popular style.

Price: US$59.95

Viper Bats Model MD99

This is a custom Viper Bats exclusive model that has a Xbats - Model 98 barrel with our Viper - 73 knob.

Price: US$74.95

Viper Bats Youth 3 Pack

Youth 3 Pack available in Ash, Maple, or Birch.

Price: US$149.95

Viper Bats Model 110B

This 110B wood bat is a standard 110 barrel with the original cone knob. This is the perfect marriage of the 2 most popular models. It has the well balanced feel of the 110 and the bat speed of the big knob models.

Price: US$74.95


The Viper 159 is based on the Louisville conversion M159. The small knob is complimented by a thin handle and neck. The barrel tapers sharply toward the sweet spot then goes straight to the end of the bat.

Price: US$74.95

Viper Bats Model 161

The 161 makes a fine bat in any size but we recommend Birch so that the weights come in correct. The thick handle balances out the bat and it tends to feel like you are swinging a broom stick, especially in a 32" or 33". Most hitters lay off this bat because of the thick handle but once you get over that attribute you will love this stick.

Knob- Standard 2"
Handle - Thick 1"+
Large Sweet Spot
Price: US$74.95

Viper Bats Model 271L

A 271L turning wooden baseball bat is a slightly modified 271. It has a 15/16" handle and a 2.52" barrel with a longer sweet spot. The knob is the industry standard for tapered models and is 2". This is a slightly modified 271 for the power enthusiasts who love the feel of a traditional 271.

Knob - Slight Flare
Handle - Med 15/16"
Barrel - 2.52"
Price: US$74.95


This is the model of choice for slugger Manny Ramirez. The 318 wooden baseball bat has a med handle with a med barrel and a very large sweet spot. This model is a great transition from metal to wood. The 318 is loved by contact hitters as well as power hitters.

Price: US$74.95

Viper Bats Model 421

This is an old Glomar wooden baseball bat turning of the original AZ421. Good size barrel and a thin handle with a small knob. This bat has a pro profile with a great sweet spot.

Price: US$74.95

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