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Big Dog
Viper Bats Big DogThis is the perfect on deck warm up bat! This 50 oz bat will increase bat speed by 10% when used as an on deck bat. The big dog works because you have to swing the bat, unlike other warm up bats that swing them self. Using the Big Dog will develop dynamic strength which means quickness and power to the hitter. The big Dog will add points to the B.A. and slugging percentage.
List Price: US$69.95
Price: US$45.95

Viper Bats OneHand TrainerThis is a black one hand trainer perfect for perfecting your swing. Comes in 4 different sizes to fit all your needs.
Price: US$54.95

The new Viper Sweet spot trainer has arrived. This model is great for learning where the sweet spot is on a wooden bat and teaches how to get that perfect sweet spot feel everytime.
Price: US$45.00