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Ultra Light Viper

- Thursday December 31st 2015

I was very impressed with how fast the bat came. Gave it to my son as an early bday gift (I got it customized). He has been hitting with it exclusively at BP, which should make a big difference when the season starts!

Great Bat

- Monday May 18th 2015

This is my second Viper bat that I have order, they are durable and light enough for young players who are just learning how to use wood bats. I would highly recommend this bat to anyone.

Absolutely outstanding!

- Monday May 18th 2015

I ordered a couple ultralights for my 4 and 6 year old. They loved the bats. The bats look fantastic, and they have held up very well for one season and counting. I'll definitely be back for more as they grow out of these bats.

Custom bat

- Friday March 27th 2015

The purchasing process was easy! I had a personalized request and they were able to make it happen just as described! The shipment was speedy.

2nd Viper bat

- Friday February 20th 2015

My 8 yr old loves to swing his two viper bats. They have held up to many swings in little league play and in the cage and both are still going. All of his teammates think they are the coolest bats around. Great product would buy again and recommend to everyone. Great service and shipping time as well.

Another great one

- Monday November 17th 2014

Outstanding! As head of the 6-8 year old division I can tell you now is the time for wood. No coincidence that two of our best hitters are wood users. Think you lose pop quitting aluminum? Wrong. These birch bats are RED-HOT.

Outstanding Bat

- Saturday August 09th 2014

I ordered the Viper Small Barrel bat for my 10 year old son and he loves it along with his other teammates. Good bat for the price...highly recommend!!

Custom Viper

- Tuesday August 05th 2014

Got a custom birch ultralight for my son to hit with. Even though it is heavier than his 26/15 metal bat, his swing has improved. He makes better contact and follows through with the swing. Plus, we were able to get the bat in Seahawks colors. He loves his "pro" bat!

good bat for kids

- Monday August 04th 2014

Our six year old son is not big for his age but he has a good swing because I play with him at home a lot. I felt his swing was ready for a wood bat but wasn't sure if he was physically ready to swing a typical wood bat.

After looking around online for a wood bat that was as light as possible I found the Viper Bat to be the best option and made the purchase. The bat has been solid.

The ultra light bat does have a softer barrel than a typical wood bat so you will want to buy two, one for games and one for practice...tape the barrel of the bat used in practice and it will last quite a while without adding much weight to the bat.

Beautiful craftsmanship and LIGHT!

- Saturday June 21st 2014

Just bought a 26" and 29" birch ultralight bat for my boys and they love them.

The custom paint and lettering are beautiful.
The bats are very well made.

Both bats are very LIGHT!!!! We have the Louisville slugger youth ash bat and the VIPER bat is so much lighter when compared to bats of the same length.
The Louisville bat is very heavy and hard to swing.

The VIPER bat is much better for getting kids used to swinging wood bats.

Exceeds expectation

- Sunday April 06th 2014

LL271 Ultra-light was crafted perfectly. It was finished beutifully and hard as a rock.

LL 271

- Thursday April 03rd 2014

I purchased a Viper -10 bat two months ago. My son is on the small side and wanted a light wood bat for him to swing. My son loves this bat!! It's light enough for him to swing through the zone with authority and it's well balanced also. It has a real nice sweet spot and the ball has a nice pop off this bat. I highly recommend this bat ,don't think you will be disappointed.

A great bat

- Sunday March 09th 2014

Great bat, great service

- Friday January 03rd 2014

I bought this for my 3 year old who is crazy about baseball. I needed a small bat and Viper is the only company I found that makes a 24". When it arrived, it was a little heavier than advertised, but when I reported this they found the lightest piece of wood they had and sent me a second bat--free! Awesome customer service. Oh and the bats look great too. Will definitely be back.

Very happy

- Thursday January 02nd 2014

I am very satisfied with this bat. My kid is killing the ball his swing change drastically.

Viper bat for 7 yr old

- Tuesday October 29th 2013

Best looking wood bat I've seen. Custom red barrel with black handle and gold logo. Very light in comparison to the old wood bat my son has. Giving it to him for his birthday and I'm sure he'll love it.

LL ULtralight

- Monday October 28th 2013

Great bat, delivered quickly. Big fan of Viper Bats.

Balls and Strikes: Viper Strikes Back

- Thursday October 24th 2013

My seven year old son received his first wood bat in August. It was birch. It was Viper. It IS, and will always be, the catalyst that made my son an outstanding hitter.

After extensive research, I decided to go with birch over some of the more readily available wood bats (maple, ash, bamboo). It is light enough to really teach a, "hands inside the ball swing," yet heavy enough to really reinforce proper contact. It is comforting to know that my son's experience with this bat will allow him to pick up ANY bat and be successful. It is a shame that many players only hit as well as they do because of the $350.00 bat in their hand and not solely due to the skill they possess.

With Viper birch, a player will get the POP they want, the PRICE they deserve, and the PURITY that comes with owning a masterfully crafted wood bat.

Thank you, Viper.

Michael Holm
Tucson, AZ

Great lightweight bat

- Tuesday August 27th 2013

Our town's Little League is an all wood bat league & having a lighter bat is a big advantage. I bought them for my son last winter & when they came i recommended them to several friends who bought them for their kids too. Great bat & very cool looks.

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