Elite Series - Professionally Approved and Preferred

The Viper Elite Series is the ultimate bat for the top level players who demand only the best.

These bats come from hand split billets and are from the top 10% wood stock. The birch and maple bats come with a professional ink dot on the handle to measure the slope of the grain. The maple and birch Elite Series models also come cross-grained with the logo.

All Elite Series bats are hand selected, hand sanded, 360 radial boned, and hand sprayed with three coats for an incredibly durable finish.

Are you ready to step up your game to the Elite Series?

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Viper Bats Model MD99

This is a custom Viper Bats exclusive model that has a Xbats - Model 98 barrel with our Viper-73 knob. All Elite series bats are hand selected, 360 radial boned for the hardest bats available, hand sanded, and double dipped for an incredible finish.

Price: US$84.95

Viper Bats Model 110B

This is a standard 110 barrel with the original cone knob. This is the perfect marriage of the 2 most popular models. It has the well balanced feel of the 110 and the bat speed of the big knob models.

Price: US$84.95

Viper Bats Model 244

This model is a combination of the barrel on the 243 and handle of the 271. It's designed for the players who like to push the limit on barrel size while maintaining a flared handle for comfort. All Viper Wood Bat Models are hand sanded, hand boned, and double dipped for an incredible finish.

Price: US$84.95

Viper Bats Model BW30

This Custom Model has a cone knob for players with wrist and hamate problems. The BW30 has a med barrel and a large sweet spot with a med handle. This custom model will work for the power hitter as well as the gap to gap batter while remaining comfortable in the hands.

Price: US$84.95

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