Wood Composite Bats

Wood Bat Feel with the longevity of a composite

If you find yourself going through a lot of different bats our composite bats will help remedy that problem. The Viper composite wood bats are designed specifically for the players new to wood bats and for people looking for a wood bat that will take a beating and not break. Our composite bats are all unique as well as BBCOR Certified and come with the BBCOR identification sticker on them.

Our composites bats involve restructuring the wood itself and adhering them back together in a way that increases durability and longevity. 360 RadialThe 360 composite involves cutting the maple billets into a pie shape and then gluing them back together in a way that makes the bat not have a "face or edge grain". This is important because with your normal wood bats they have a definitive edge and face grain; when contact is made on the wrong side of the bat it will cause it to snap. By putting the pieces back together in this fashion you're able to hit the ball on all sides of the 360 without repercussion. The 360 also has a fiberglass handle that is adhered to the handle up to about the logo of the bat to further increase the strength. This sleeve makes it so the weakest part of the bat, the handle, is protected from the balls that would shatter any wood bat. This bat comes with a 30 day warranty.

HR4 BilletThe HR4 model is composed of 44 sheets of veneer grade birch laid up in a special vacuum method to ensure perfect glue bondage. With this model it is required you hit on the edge grain of the bat as there is a definitive grain structure and hitting on the wrong side will result in premature breakage. This bat is a great transitional bat from composites to a standard wood bat as players are required to learn to hit on the right side of the bat. This bat comes with a 30 day warranty.

Our last composite bat is our bamboo series. Our bamboo models are premium bamboo that utilize a revolutionary technology during the assembly process called “Synergistic Wood Alignment Technology or S.W.A.T. This process ensures that the wood is structured in a way that ensures durability while maintaining great flex for increased pop. If purchased with a fiberglass handle these bats are warenteed for 60 days.

BBCOR Certified Wood Bats