Wood Composite Bats

Wood Bat Feel with the longevity of a composite

If you find yourself going through a lot of different bats our composite bats will help remedy that problem. The Viper composite wood bats are designed specifically for the players new to wood bats and for people looking for a wood bat that will take a beating and not break. Our composite bats are all unique as well as BBCOR Certified and come with the BBCOR identification sticker on them.

The APEX is a one piece maple bat that has a fiberglass handle that will adhere to the handle up to about the logo of the bat to increase the strength. This sleeve makes it so the weakest part of the bat, the handle, is protected from the balls that would shatter any wood bat. This bat comes with a 60 day warranty and is a popular choice among collegiate and high school players.

Our last composite bat is our bamboo series. Our bamboo models are premium bamboo that utilize a revolutionary technology during the assembly process called “Synergistic Wood Alignment Technology or S.W.A.T. This process ensures that the wood is structured in a way that ensures durability while maintaining great flex for increased pop. If purchased with a fiberglass handle these bats are warranted for 30 days.

BBCOR Certified Wood Bats