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Pro Bat Models

These are all models with full size barrels and lengths starting from 31" to up to 35" on select models.
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Viper I13 Pro Model

Elite Series Approved for Profesional Play

The Viper Elite Series is for the top level players who demand only the best. Our bats are approved for professional play.


These bats come from hand split billets and are from the top 10% wood stock. The birch and maple bats come with a professional ink dot on the handle to measure the slope of the grain. The maple and birch Elite Series models also come cross-grained with the logo.
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Elite Series Bats

Pro-Light Models

Our Pro-Light models are adult sized baseball bats that come in a -4 to -5 weight differential. These models are limited in profile but can come in either ash, birch, or maple.
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ProLight 175G

Platinum Series

Did your gamer break and need a bat in a hurry? Have a tournament that requires a wood bat? The Platinum Series is our line of bats designed for people who need quality bats in a crunch. All of these bats ship within 48 hours from the time of receiving the order so they can get into your hands as soon as possible.

The Platinum Series comes in the following top selling models: 271, 110, 141, AP5, and 73. All bats will come cupped and be a -3 weight drop.

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Platinum Series - Ready to ship bats

Composite Bats

If you find yourself going through a lot of different bats our composite bats will help remedy that problem. The Viper composite wood bats are designed specifically for the players new to wood bats and for people looking for a wood bat that will take a beating and not break. Our composite bats are all unique as well as BBCOR Certified and come with the BBCOR identification sticker on them.

Viper Apex271

Bamboo Bats

This section has our bamboo line of baseball bats.
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Viper Bamboo Model VBB

Team Bats

These bats come in the dozen and are specials for teams looking for a good deal. All bats come with free personalization as well.
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Youth Model Bats

Youth models are scaled back big league models. These have full barrels that are scaled for their size. These are not Little League approved sizes. Most barrels are 2.4" and most model weights are -3 to -4
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Youth Model 271

L 2.25" Bats

Good selection of youth model bats. Suitable with a 2.25" barrel. A bat is NOT required to have the Little League logo or name to be acceptable.

Also, it is NOT required to be on the list of licensed bats here: Click Here.

Any bat simply must: A: Meet the specifications of this rule, and, B: Not be currently subject to the moratorium referenced in the first paragraph above.
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Little League Model 271


These are coaches fungos that are used for hitting ground balls and fly balls.
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PS R2 Fungo

Trophy Bats

The perfect gift tailored for your sports fan, coach, player, graduating senior or the baseball or softball player who has everything. These bats make the perfect unique personalized corporate gift for clients or top producers to display in their office.

Softball Bats

Softball bats that can be used for slow pitch or fast pitch.
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Wood Softball Bats 


This section contains batting gloves, warm up bats, and bat racks.
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One Hand Trainer

Training Aids

Training Aids to help you become a better hitter.
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Sweet Spot Trainer

Gift Certificates

HD Series

The HD Series are maple bats made from the densest wood around. What does this mean? This means that these bats are going to be the hardest, strongest, and more durable bats around. They are great for high school teams and younger players who need a bat that is going to withstand a beating while still performing at a high level.

  • Limited Color Choices
  • Full Cup
  • -2 to -3 weight drop
  • Medium Barrel
  • Option for 30 Day Warranty

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High Density Maple Bats

XX Blems

These are blemished baseball and softball bats.