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Precision Wood Baseball Bats

Viper Bats is an American manufacturer of precision quality wood bats for athletes of all ages. When you buy a Viper bat you're getting the same high standards of craftsmanship used in the big leagues. That's because Viper bats are made for players by players using only Prime #1 Grade hand-split maple and ash billets. This process makes for a strong more durable bat every time. To this day every bat Viper makes benefits from the combined knowledge, experience, and love for the game that the owner and his son embody. Every bat still gets a swing test by a real hitter (the owner's son Chris), who is also their quality control expert. Every bat is a custom wood bat, built to the highest standards, every time. Viper feels that there shouldn't be high-quality bats that are only available to the pros. High-quality bats should be accessible to players in any league, at any age, and in any part of the country. Viper was started out of a love for the game of baseball, now it's your turn to fall in love with the game all over again with the best wood baseball bats you'll ever swing!

Wood Bat Demonstration


Chris FineHey there everyone, I’m Chris. I’m the guy you talk to on the phone, responds to your emails, ships your bats, occasionally misspells a few of your names on your bats, and now blogs. More or less, I’m the office guy who they don’t let out into the shop because I’ll break something. In this blog I plan on mixing in a little bit of everything; from customer questions and/or experiences to tips for players, and possibly even a few of my personal experiences.

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